2 Factors Job Recruiters Value More Since the Pandemic—and One Thing That’s No Longer a Deal-Breaker

The pandemic has left no corner of life untouched or unchanged—including the job market. Since the start of 2020, millions of Americans have lost jobs; brand-new roles have surfaced out of necessity; remote work is more highly coveted than ever; and the process of job hunting and recruiting has become a whole new ball game. Finding a job during a global health crisis is no easy task, but, believe it or not, there are some silver linings to the strange times we’re in.

Just as job seekers have had to change their strategy for landing a role, hiring managers have shifted their priorities and expectations when looking at applicants. The more you understand what catches their eye in a stellar resume or candidate, the easier your search becomes. A new study from TopResume, the world’s largest resume-writing and career guidance service, reveals how the pandemic has changed which key factors recruiters care most about when reviewing job apps—and which former deal-breakers aren’t such an issue anymore.


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