5 Ways to Help Your Résumé Get Seen by a Recruiter

You’ve found a promising job listing, so you sink hours into updating your resume — reading it and rereading it approximately 1,000 times. Finally, you hold your breath and click submit.

Weeks later, nothing. What happened? Sure, your résumé may have looked perfect, but in fact it may not have made it past the “hiring bots” or, more technically, the applicant-tracking system (ATS). This is a type of software that recruiters and employers use to collect, sort, scan and rank job applications before they’re ever even handed over to a human to look at. It’s technology that has become prominent in recent years that may not have been commonly used the last time you applied for a job.

Although this might make you want to throw your hands up in defeat, there are some simple strategies you can employ to ensure your résumé will get past these hiring bots and in front of the eyes of a hiring manager.

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