Client Services

We connect you to qualified workers for your organization. Let Beacon Staffing do the recruiting and interviewing. We’ll present to you only the best candidates for hire.

Hiring options that work for you:

Beacon Staffing assigns fully evaluated employees in a wide range of job categories and skill levels, including:

Conduct pre-employment skills testing for software, technical, secretarial, and business skills. Other evaluation services include: criminal background investigations, drug testing, and other specialized employee screening needs.

secretaries, general office clerks, receptionists, administrative assistants

Technical/Degreed –Skilled
engineers, scientists, lab technicians, architects, technical writers

Information Technology–Certified
consultants, analysts, programmers, designers, installers

Other areas
distribution, food service, laborers, etc.

Commercial / Industrial Division


Beacon Staffing assists customers with any needed personnel management functions. We can assume the operational responsibility for managing and performing specific functions for the customer, on an on-going contractual basis. Recruiting, training and supervision of staff assigned to the customer are typical areas of cooperation.

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