Employers who are seeking to:

  • fill vacant positions
  • cover for an employee on leave
  • bolster the workforce during limited periods
  • react quickly to opportunities
  • try out a temp worker for possible hire in the future

will be guided wisely by Beacon Staffing.

Time crunch on an important event?
We’ve got laborers, wait staff, dishwashers and prep cooks ready to report to work today.

Your government contract requires specialized skills on a short-term basis?

We can screen and hire applicants to get the right people working for you only while the contract is in effect.

Seasonal demands leave your permanent staff overworked?

Beacon Staffing Alternatives can send packers, pickers, forklift drivers, construction workers, drivers, machinists and other skilled workers to your jobsite in hours.

Is your billing behind, or the filing stacking up?

Our temporary and temp-to-permanent clerical and administrative support staff can get you caught up, starting today.

I need help now!

It’s All About Relationship

Whether your business has fewer than 10 employees or a payroll in the thousands, using a staffing firm is good business. Connect with Beacon Staffing Alternatives now!

Call us if you’re in a crunch, for sure. But it makes good business sense to develop a relationship with your area’s top staffing firm before you need us.

Our staffing managers take time to learn what type of employee you are looking for. We learn what criteria you demand in a permanent employee, and what temporary employees should be able to do to get on the job quickly.

We can locate and hire scores of temporary workers to take care of your unexpected workflow, or to temporarily replace a valued employee who needs time off.

I want a Beacon Staffing manager to contact me.

How It Works

Temporary and temp-to-hire employees work for us while working for you.

Beacon Staffing takes care of:

  • background checks
  • reference checks
  • drug testing (upon request)
  • skill assessment through “Prove It” software
  • payroll and benefits

Beacon Staffing covers, for each employee:

  • unemployment insurance
  • workers compensation
  • taxes
  • W-2 forms at year end

Your business will be invoiced weekly, with net due in 30 days. Temporary employees get paid (by Beacon Staffing) on Fridays.

Questions? Contact Us Today!