Five Questions To Gauge Your Commitment To The Job Search

I talk to job seekers every day. When I ask the question, “Have you been making your job search a priority?” inevitably, their answer is, “Absolutely, full-time and I’m pulling out all the stops.” However, when I probe into specific actions they are taking, it becomes clear that their definition of “fully committed” is different than mine. More importantly, their definition of “pulling out all the stops” is different from their competition, other candidates who are working harder.

The best analogy is what private fitness trainers experience when working with clients who want to lose 10 pounds or get fit. The trainer asks clients if they have been eating well or doing enough cardio, and their clients don’t fess up to the hot fudge sundae they ate the night before. There is a direct correlation between effort and results for both the fitness client and the job seeker. What are the results every job seeker should be tracking?


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