Four steps for helping teens get a job

Now that the weather is turning warmer and spring is in the air, I have one thing on my mind: It’s time for my teenagers to get a job.

Logan and I have mentioned this several times to our oldest daughter, Lucy, and, each time, she gives a nervous laugh and quickly changes the subject. Her little brother, George, isn’t much better.

“We’re serious, you guys,” we tell them. “You can either get a job somewhere for the summer, or you can work for us for free. And we are not going to be fun bosses,” we add.

A few weeks ago, I cornered my brother-in-law Kelly at a small family gathering. He owns a small business, a media company here in Spokane. He hosts a podcast, “Socks and Soul,” where he interviews local small-business owners.

Through his previous job, he got to know hundreds of business owners in the area. Needless to say, he understands business and what bosses are looking for in an employee.


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