How does social media impact your hiring status?

Growing up, students are told that the internet is forever and to be mindful of what they say and do on the World Wide Web. Looking into the future and aspiring towards different careers, students are looking at the impact of social media on the job scene.

Jordan Strickland, career success professional in the Baylor Career Center, shared some basic guidelines for students to be cautious of when posting to social media. Strickland said social media is a form of self-expression and while it doesn’t need to be as formal as a resume, it still tells an employer about an applicant.

“We generally encourage the saying, ‘Anything you don’t want your grandma to see, you wouldn’t want your future employer to see,’ and you can try to avoid it with the privacy settings, but really anything you’re publishing on the internet can and will be seen,” Strickland said.


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