Beacon Staffing Alternatives
16-2 S. Philadelphia Blvd
Aberdeen, MD, 21001
Phone: 410-297-6600
Fax: 410-297-6601

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Beacon Staffing Alternatives is at 16-2 S. Philadelphia Blvd., Aberdeen, Maryland. Contact Us

Situated along the I-95 corridor adjacent to the Chesapeake Bay, Harford County is among the most desirable places to live and work in the state and the nation. Home to Aberdeen Proving Ground, Harford County has attracted more than 50 new defense contractors since 2005.

More than 5,500 businesses are working hard, and hiring often, throughout the county. Harford County is home to five national brand distribution warehouses, a major healthcare system, a community college, a minor league baseball team and hundreds of restaurants, stores and service providers, including Beacon Staffing Alternatives.

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