Seasonal or Fill-In Employees

Most businesses have changing employment needs through the year, maybe your business picks up around the holidays, or maybe summer is your high season. When your demand is high, the last thing you want to deal with is the additional hassle of managing hiring, payroll and HR for your seasonal workforce.

Your workforce can also change from day-to-day, from ordinary employee absences, such as vacation or medical leave. Don’t get caught without the workers you need. We have talented fill-in employees waiting to be called for short-term assignments (even assignments as short as a day).

For positions with a high absentee rate, Beacon Staffing keeps several back-up employees on call, ready to step in if you need them. You won’t be caught short of qualified, skilled people with Beacon Staffing. With our large, responsive candidate pool, Beacon Staffing helps you keep your business’s quality high and hiring costs low, and minimizes the time you might lose to absent employees.

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