Want to get hired? Your résumé should look like this

You have seven seconds to make an impression with your résumé. So you better make every one count.

“Those first seven seconds someone spends on your résumé are the deciding seconds on whether they like you or not,” said salary and hiring coach Olivia Jaras. “They spend the rest of the time trying to corroborate that first impression.”
Jaras is the founder of Salary Coaching for Women, which helps clients get hired and negotiate salaries.
Your résumé does more than just get you an interview, it also plays a role in determining your salary, she said.
That’s why the format, word choice and tone are important to getting the reader on your side,
“It’s playing mind games,” Jaras said. “A good résumé doesn’t sound too pushy, aggressive or assertive. It’s a more subtle energy.”‘
Here’s how to craft a résumé that will get you hired:
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