Why You Should Consider A Part-Time Job During Covid-19: Top Companies Hiring

Your paychecks have stopped coming in, your savings have begun to dwindle and your unemployment benefits are set to expire.

What initially looked like it’d be a temporary blip in your career has started to feel more permanent.

You aren’t alone.

Roughly 30 million Americans are receiving unemployment and 4.1 million Americans lost jobs between the first and second weeks in July. Of those who have lost jobs because of the pandemic, 47% believe their jobs are unlikely to come back. According to Yelp, since temporarily their shut doors, 60% of restaurants, 48% or retail, and 36% of spas listed on the site have permanently closed.

Instead of holding out for your job to bring you back, or hoping for things to return to normal, it’s time to look at alternative solutions. Options do exist for you, and one to seriously consider is part-time employment.


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