Job Seekers

Maybe you’re looking for a full-time, 9-5 job.
Maybe shift work or part-time positions better suit your lifestyle.
Or, perhaps, you need the flexibility that working as a temporary employee can offer.

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Beacon Staffing Alternatives can connect you with employers offering all these options. Employers hire us to fill vacancies for them, saving them time and money when they want to find the best people to work for them. We advertise their jobs, screen and pre-interview applicants and recommend the best candidates to interview with the employer for full and part-time positions.

Sometimes, employers hire us to fill temporary needs, like filling for someone on family leave, helping out during holiday rushes or fulfilling specific requirements in a government contract. We screen and hire these candidates ourselves and put them to work elsewhere. Our temporary placement employees have all the benefits of working for any other employer, such as competitive wages, vacation and overtime pay and options for health, life and disability benefits. And when the job ends, we place our temporary employees in new temporary positions as they are available.

Some of our clients use temp employees as a way to give a potential employee a trial run. In fact, our clients hire 45 percent of the temporary staff we place. This is one of the highest temp-to-hire placement rates in the region and is one of the reasons Beacon Staffing Alternatives has been listed among the Top Ten staffing agencies by the Baltimore Business Journal.

“I like working as a temp. I get to meet new people every time I take a new job and I learn a lot because I get to work for different industries. And if I don’t want to work, I don’t.”
– Mary, Aberdeen

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