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Beacon Staffing Alternatives, Inc. is a women-owned, strategic staffing organization that specializes in administrative staffing, IT staffing and logistics support. Headquartered in Central Maryland, Beacon Staffing utilizes state-of-the-art portals enabling employees and job seekers 24-7 online access to resources.

Beacon Staffing promises quality, integrity and reliability. Our personal knowledge and experience in the local community, combined with a contemporary approach to staffing management, makes Beacon Staffing a trusted guide with proven results.

We have maintained professional relationships with some clients for more than two decades. And, we welcome new employers regularly. We are proud to be the area’s most reputable, well-connected and accomplished temporary staffing company.

Our Guiding Principles

Beacon Staffing Alternatives is a business with high standards and expectations

Quality: Our work for clients and job seekers is simply top notch. We insist on thoroughness in every single step of the process. The result: valuable win-win connections that wholly meet the needs of businesses and workers.

Integrity: We’ve earned a strong reputation as a company you can trust. Our staff is highly principled and steadfast in doing the right thing. Employers, employees and the community know they can count on Beacon Staffing.

Reliability: Responsiveness, follow-through, efficiency—these elements ensure that we meet deadlines, fulfill promises and come through for our clients time after time.




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