After you have worked 1500 hours in a calendar year you are eligible for paid holidays.  You must work the day before and the day after. The eligible holidays are: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. You must have accrued the time the week prior to the holiday.

After you have worked 1800 hours in a calendar year you are eligible for a paid( 35 hour) week of vacation.  You may request time off and be paid, or you may not take the time off and just be get an extra paycheck. However, please remember you must coordinate your time off with Beacon Staffing and your assignment supervisor.

Referral Bonus:
We are always looking for good people just like you. So we offer a special referral  bonus for you referring  your friends and family to Beacon Staffing you will be paid $50.00 after your referral works 80 hours on their first assignment. (Referral name must give your name at the time of interview)

Beacon Staffing loves to acknowledge your successes so when we have a Beacon Staffing associate that does an excellent job we recognize a job well done.

Skills Improvement:
In this ever changing world there are always demands for individuals with certain software competency, Symphony has tutorials available in all the latest and greatest software.

Weekly Pay:                     
Beacon Staffing has started a green initiative. Effective November 2013, we started issuing debit cards from Global Cash Card. Now, when you wake up on Friday mornings, your pay has been loaded on to your pay card. This card may be used as a debit card or a credit card. (Please refer to www.globalcashcard.com to learn about features and benefits.

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