4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Thank Employees During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially on the horizon, and with that, it’s essential as a manager to find ways to give back to your team and show them your gratitude and appreciation for all that they do. Some of the more expensive ways to do this are a given: holiday parties, extra time off, and of course, year-end bonuses. Beyond that, though, there are many meaningful and budget-friendly ways to thank your employees during the holiday season. Let’s take a look at four of the best!

1. Handwritten Notes

Nothing is simpler and more meaningful than a handwritten note. Whether you put the note on fine stationery or use a simple printed “Thank You” card, the effort and time you put into writing a personal note lets your employees know that you are genuinely grateful for their work throughout the past year.

Take the time to be sincere and specific, too. If you are unsure of the specific accomplishments of individual employees, talk to their supervisors. If your team is too big, enlist the team supervisors to help with the notes. Ensure you mail the notes to the employees; do not just hand them out at the office.

2. Charitable Donations

During the season of giving, you can donate to charities that your employees care about as a gesture of appreciation. You could offer a small donation to a charity selected by the employee or a donation to an organization that the entire team chooses. However you do it, the most important thing is that your employees choose the charity that gets the donation, not you.

3. Fulfill Wishes for Team Members

This is a very seasonally appropriate way to engage your employees and give them something meaningful. Choose a day or a week during the holiday season and recruit volunteers to be holiday “elves.” Give them a small budget and send them off to fulfill the wishes of their co-workers. You could even have employees write down their wishes and throw them in a bowl for the wish fulfillment team to draw from.

4. Free Food

Whether it’s a bountiful breakfast buffet or simply coffee and doughnuts, free food is always welcome and an excellent way to show employees they are appreciated. If you have a small staff, take your employees out to lunch.

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Embracing the holiday spirit and giving to your employees is a fantastic way to foster good work relationships and let them know how valuable and appreciated they are.

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