Coping with Anxiety & How to Leave it At the Office

Work can be stressful even on its best day. If your workload is filled with stressful tasks or, worse, the whole environment verges on toxic, you may develop long-term anxiety issues. Overcoming workplace anxiety can be difficult, especially when you have to work to support yourself and your family. It is not impossible, though. With some effort, you can address your anxiety symptoms and ease the burden on yourself and others.

In this blog, we’ll look at some tips to help you leave the stress of work at work.

Tip #1. End your day by writing your to-do list for tomorrow.

When you have anxiety issues, to-do lists can go far in helping you to organize your thoughts and appreciate what you’ve accomplished each day. At the end of your day at work, write your to-do list for the next day. This lays the groundwork for the next day, establishing attainable goals that can be crossed off the list as they are accomplished. Anxiety can make it challenging to appreciate your daily accomplishments; to-do lists show you.

Tip #2. Treat your commute home as time to unwind & decompress.

Whether you have workplace anxiety or not, leaving work at work is crucial. Once you have clocked out for the day, your commute home, however long it is, should be a time to decompress and relax. Find fun and relaxing ways to make your commute the perfect bridge between work and home. Take a moment to stretch before you leave the office. Enjoy your favorite music or audiobook on the way home. If weather permits, open the window and breathe the fresh air to clear your mind and lungs.

Tip #3. Schedule time for your hobbies/fun activities during the week.

No matter how difficult and time-consuming your job is, it cannot take up all your time. One of the best ways to recharge and relieve the stress and anxiety of work is to enjoy activities and hobbies you like. Scheduling time every week to enjoy them, whether it’s weekly pickleball with friends or a regular dinner out with family. Make your time away from work a priority.

Work anxiety can be crippling if you let it master you. Use the tips above, and you can start taking control of your workplace anxiety and maybe even eliminate it.

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Dealing with a Toxic Workplace Environment? How to Know When it’s Time to Break up With your Job

We all have bad days at work when stress and frustrations wear us down. However, if the bad days at work have become the norm, you may be dealing with a toxic workplace environment. A toxic workplace can affect your mental and physical health, increasing anxiety and stress and seriously impacting your productivity and morale.

Your workplace may be toxic for a variety of reasons. If you’re feeling very unhappy at work, here are three key signs it’s time to consider breaking up with your current job.

Your boss sets unrealistic expectations.

Effective bosses challenge you with attainable goals encouraging you to grow and become your best version. On the other hand, ineffective bosses set you up to fail. Their unrealistic expectations make you feel helpless and stressed. Demanding quick turnarounds at the last minute and overwhelming you with work can quickly lead to a toxic workplace environment.

Your boundaries are not respected.

Lack of respect for boundaries is a hallmark of toxic relationships, including those at work. Do you feel uncomfortable speaking up at work? If you do, whether due to a lack of confidence or from imposter syndrome, it’s something you can work on. If you have set boundaries and they are not respected, it may be time to find a new job.

You think about quitting your job regularly.

If you think a lot about quitting your job, it’s a good sign that you’re ready to move on. If you feel unsure, take the time to review your current position. Look at your last month of work and tally up the good and bad days. It may be time to “jump ship” if the bad days outweigh the good.

Another approach is to ask yourself what you would advise a friend or coworker in the same situation. Would you encourage them to stick with the job and tolerate its negatives, or would you recommend they escape from the toxic workplace? More often than not, the advice you would give to someone in your situation is what you need to hear yourself.

The decision to leave your current job is a challenging one. But if you see the signs of a toxic workplace culture, you need to trust your intuition and go for it!

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A Guide for Jobseekers in Maryland: Career Advancement Tips for Warehouse Workers

Are you a job seeker in Maryland who wants a well-paying, long-term career? Are you looking for ongoing opportunities for skill development and growth? If so, consider becoming a warehouse employee.

Building a career in the warehouse industry provides a range of opportunities that fit your goals, skills and interests. Understanding what it takes to succeed helps you build a satisfying career that supports the lifestyle you desire. 

Types of Warehouse Jobs in demand for the new year

  • Warehouse supervisor: Millions of square feet of industrial space are constructed annually to create new warehouses throughout the U.S., creating new warehouse jobs for supervisors.
  • Packer: The e-commerce boom continues to increase the demand for packers to prepare the finished products for packaging and shipment.
  • Order picker: The ongoing growth of online shopping elevates the demand for order pickers to select the relevant items for order fulfillment. These warehouse jobs provide opportunities to develop transferrable skills for career development.
  • Warehouse associate: Growing customer demand for e-commerce requires warehouse associates to organize products and report inventory for stores, manufacturers and wholesalers and coordinate order shipping.
  • Warehouse package handler: The rising number of warehouses being constructed and the need to replace workers who change occupations or leave the labor force increase the demand for package handlers.
  • Delivery driver: The increasing demand for package delivery services requires more drivers to fulfill e-commerce transactions.

A Baltimore Employment Agency Shares 5 Tips to Grow in your Career as a Warehouse Employee

The growing popularity of e-commerce makes building a career in the warehouse industry attractive. Increasing demand for warehouse services means regular opportunities for growth. The ongoing need to fill warehouse positions provides both stability and career advancement.

You can use the following tips to expand your career as a warehouse employee:

#1 Begin with a list of strengths and weaknesses

Write down the areas you excel in and the areas you need improvement in. This helps determine whether you are qualified to take on an advanced role when it becomes available.

Use your list of strengths and weaknesses to develop your professional goals.

  • Include your dream warehouse job, targeted salary, desired benefits and perks, and other relevant details.
  • Ensure your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) to increase your odds of attaining them.
  • Your list of career goals provides a guide for what you want to achieve in your warehouse career.
  •  Use your list to determine whether a more senior role fits with what you want to accomplish along your professional path.

Write down the type of lifestyle you want to create with your warehouse career. This may include the home you want to purchase, the vehicle you want to drive, the vacations you want to take, and whether you want to have a family and pay for your children’s secondary education. Understanding what you are working toward provides motivation to continue performing your best during challenging times.

Research potential career paths within the warehouse. Determine what a higher role is and the requirements for success. Pay attention to when the desired position becomes available, then apply for it.

Consider partnering with one of the top job recruiters in Maryland, for help advancing your warehouse career. We can match you with the positions and companies you need to secure positions with additional responsibility and pay to reach your professional goals.

#2 Gain experience from others around you

Pay attention to how your teammates, coworkers, managers, supervisors, and company leaders interact and accomplish work. Follow their examples for learning and growth.

The people you work with have knowledge, skills, and experience different from yours. This is especially true if you are just starting your warehouse career. Use their example to promote your own professional growth.

Ask your teammates and coworkers for advice to increase your performance and build your warehouse career. They should be willing to help however possible. Offer to help them out in return.

Schedule time to meet with your manager for a short monthly performance review. Find out what you are doing well, what needs improvement, and specific ideas to do better. This helps you improve your performance and increase your odds of receiving an annual pay increase.  

#3 Participate in training

Take advantage of training programs that promote skill development. Regularly adding to your skill set helps you more effectively complete your work. It also increases your qualifications for technical and management positions.  

Continuously read about your industry. For instance, you might want to learn more about warehouse management systems (WMSs), radio frequency identification (RFID), voice-directed picking, or other popular topics. Understanding the latest news and trends helps you apply them and provide additional value to the warehouse.

Partner with one of the leading Baltimore employment agencies, to take advantage of training opportunities during your next warehouse job search. The knowledge and skills you gain can help land the role you want.

    #4 Go above and beyond

    Determine the target to aim for when completing a task, then set your goal 10% higher. For instance, if you are a picker and the average picker picks 150 orders each day, aim to pick 165 orders. Consistently increasing efficiency shows you deserve a pay increase.

    Talk with your supervisor about taking on additional responsibilities. Getting out of your comfort zone lets you add to your knowledge and skills. It also equips you to secure promotions and advance your warehouse career.

    #5 Utilize your skills in real life

    Find opportunities to apply your skills in the warehouse. Regularly practicing them increases your proficiency. This also helps determine which skills to develop next.

    Talk with your supervisor about which skills are required for the next position you want. Then, ask how you can develop these skills through on-the-job training, continuing education courses, or other opportunities. After that, develop and implement a plan to obtain these skills in the suggested manner.

    Working with job recruiters in Maryland can help you find a warehouse role that lets you develop and use your skills faster. Recruiters will match you with positions and companies that fit your goals and interests. 

    Final Thoughts

    The demand to fill warehouse jobs continues throughout 2023. Warehouse supervisors, packers, order pickers, warehouse associates, warehouse package handlers and delivery drivers are among the roles with the greatest need.

    Now is the time to begin or advance your warehouse career. Listing your strengths and weaknesses, gaining experience from others, participating in training, going above and beyond, and applying what you learn are keys to moving forward in your professional path.

    Beacon Staffing, one of the top Baltimore employment agencies, can help. We provide you with training opportunities, match you with roles and companies that fit your goals, and coach you through the interview process. We also negotiate job offers on your behalf, assist with the onboarding process, and regularly follow up for maximum success. 

    Work with our Employment Agency in Maryland for More Tips to Grow Your Career

    Beacon Staffing, a woman-owned and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)-certified staffing firm, helps job seekers find jobs in light industrial, warehouse, admin and more. Our state-of-the-art portals provide employees and job seekers 24-7 access to online resources.

    We know which companies are hiring and where growth is expected. We also know which employers are flexible with backgrounds, hours and shifts and which skills are required for permanent employees.

    Visit our job board to see which light industrial and manufacturing career opportunities are available. Stay informed about which roles open up.

    Being placed in a temporary or temp-to-hire role means you become a Beacon Staffing employee. We provide the stability of a regular paycheck with easy access to wages. Consistent employees receive competitive benefits as well.

    • Weekly pay: Your pay is loaded onto a debit card from Global Cash Card every Friday for immediate access to your wages.
    • Referral bonus: If your referral gives your name during the interview, you and your referral each receive $25 after your referral works 80 hours on their first assignment. If you refer a forklift driver, you each receive $50 after your referral work 160 hours.
    • Paid vacation: After working 1800 hours in a calendar year, you become eligible for a paid 35-hour week of vacation. You can request time off and get paid or simply ask for the payment to be added to your weekly wages.
    • Paid holidays: After working 1500 hours in a calendar year, you become eligible for paid holidays. You must work the day before and the day after and have accrued the time the week prior to the holiday. Eligible holidays include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

    Expect to be recognized for your hard work, consistency, reliability and success. We notice and appreciate your formal and informal achievements.

    We provide ongoing opportunities to expand your skill set and competencies and increase your job qualifications. Our tutorials offer the latest training for a range of skills.

    Beacon Staffing is the top employment agency in Baltimore, Marlyand for warehouse jobs.

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    3 Tips Adapting a More Productive & Motivated Mindset for 2023

    We all want to become the best version of ourselves, personally and professionally. Setting goals and making resolutions are always hot topics around the new year, and 2023 is no exception. If you’re looking to change your mindset, and become more creative, motivated, and productive, consider these three tips on how to adapt and implement a more positive mindset for 2023.

    Get Organized

    What to feel better about yourself every day AND get more done? List-making is an excellent way to get organized and stay motivated. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment whenever you cross a task off your “to-do” list. In addition, making a list that includes daily and weekly tasks allows you to focus on each task at hand without stressing about the bigger stuff. As more gets done and you enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishing them, you’ll feel more motivated and productive.

    Get Active

    We all know exercise helps you physically, but it also improves your attention and focus and boosts your mood. Adding exercise to your daily routine doesn’t mean you must do a major workout every day. Low-impact stretching, yoga, and even walking can refresh your mind and stimulate your creativity and productivity.

    Practice Gratitude

    Today’s high-tech society adds a great deal of anxiety and stress to our days. From the minute we awake, we are focused on our phones filled with emails, texts, and social media posts. This sets us up for a day filled with nervous, stressful feelings.

    Make a change to your daily routine and let the phone wait. Instead, take some time when you awake to think of three things to be grateful for. These may be things you’re thankful for, or they may be things you’re looking forward to in the coming day. Starting the day with a grateful heart and mind fills you with positive feelings, such as contentment, joy, and peacefulness.

    Meditation can be a powerful addition to your morning routine, allowing you to focus on positive thoughts and feelings and replace the negative voices that impede your motivation and stifle your creativity and productivity.

    Each day is what we make it. Keeping these tips in mind will ensure that you step into 2023 with a more positive, motivated mindset and that you’re ready to make it the best, most productive year yet!

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    How to Pull Yourself out of your Mid-Week Slump

    We’ve all struggled to get through the workweek. The dreaded “mid-week slump” can suck your remaining energy with stress and discouragement, but it doesn’t have to. Read on for five easy tips to help you pull yourself out of your slump and beat the mid-week blahs.

    Here’s how:

    1. Start Something New

    Starting something new in the middle of the week may seem counterproductive, but it’s a perfect time to switch gears and pursue something rewarding and exciting. Start a new hobby, indulge in self-care, try a new outfit, or start a new hobby to breathe new life into your week.

    2. Get Outside & Get Active

    Fresh air is essential to clear your mind and pull you out of a mid-week slump. Twenty minutes outside lifts your spirits and raises your body’s vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is a vital nutrient for metabolism and mood, and sunlight is the best source. If you live in northern climates where winter weather makes it difficult to get those healthy rays, a vitamin D supplement can help.

    Daily exercise is also essential to reduce stress and boost the feel-good hormones called endorphins. Whether you lift weights, jog, kickbox, cycle, or take a walk, exercise can pull you out of a low mood in no time. In fact, exercise is so effective at lifting your mood that it can prevent a midweek slump in the first place!

    3. Get Social

    Even if you count many of your coworkers as friends, it is vital to make time for connections outside of work. After the extreme separation of the pandemic lockdown and social distancing, connecting with friends and family is more important than ever. If you are slumping in the middle of your work week, plan to see or talk with friends and family. Whether on the phone, online or in person, connecting with loved ones benefits your mental and overall health.

    4. Clear the Clutter

    Cleaning up and getting organized can quickly turn your mood around. The presence of clutter in your home or office can contribute to various mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, stress, and even feelings of worthlessness. A solid decluttering session can free up space, and free your mind, too.

    5. Treat Each New Day as a Fresh Start

    It may be the middle of the week, but every day is a new day. Even if the beginning of the week drained your batteries, you can still recharge and tackle the rest of the week with energy and intention. No matter how bad the day may be, look to the next day and commit to moving forward toward your daily, weekly, and overall goals.

    Maybe it’s time to look for a new job?

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    Feeling Lost? Why You Should Consider Working with a Staffing Agency in 2023

    As 2022 comes to an end, you may be taking the time to reflect on your life, especially your career. The past few years have compelled many to look at where they are in life and decide which direction they want to go. Stay in your current role or transform your professional life with a new career?

    If you’re considering completely changing your professional life in 2023 but are nervous about the logistics of finding a new job and everything that goes with that, you may benefit from working with a staffing agency. If you’ve ever considered it or are simply curious, consider these tips.

    Level Up First

    As you’re reflecting on your professional and career goals in the short and long term, write everything down. Take note of your priorities, interests, skills, and goals. Does your dream job require more education or experience than you have?

    Working with a staffing agency can help you through this process. A staffing agency recruiter will evaluate your skills and training for their records and can recommend courses or programs to help you solidify your creditability and presence on the job market.

    Staffing agencies can also help high-quality jobs find you. Companies like Beacon Staffing understand the locale and circumstances that are uniquely yours. They can help you find a satisfying position that meets your needs.

    Determine Your Ideal Job

    What you want to do is just the beginning. When it comes to searching for a new job, there are many aspects to consider. Staffing agencies are uniquely qualified to offer a wide variety of jobs in diverse industries. Whether you want full-time or part-time work, temporary positions, direct hire roles, or even work-from-home/ remote options, a staffing firm can provide options and help you satisfy your job needs.

    Staffing firms are especially valuable if you’re interested in using your unique skills in a new industry. Your recruiter can present you to the prospective employer, explaining your skills and experience beyond your resume.

    Career Feedback

    Staffing agencies take the time to get to know their candidates and to guide them on the road to their ideal job. They help you polish your resume, prep for interview questions, and can even offer suggestions on what to wear for your interview to make the best impression.

    If you don’t get the job you applied for, your recruiter we’ll let you know why and provide valuable feedback that will help you succeed in landing a future job.

    Ready to land that dream job?

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    Workplace Trends We Expect to see in 2023

    As we head into 2023, we have seen workplaces shift heavily to remote and hybrid work. Inflation, layoffs, and the potential for a recession are driving many employees to ask for promotions or raises. Some have even looked for new positions with higher salaries to help them support their homes and families.

    For managers, the focus has been on recruiting top talent and retaining them in these troubling times. Looking forward to 2023, we can expect to see several workplace trends impacting business operations. Let’s look at the top five.

    Workers Have the Upper Hand

    Employers vying for high-quality talent are likely to continue as the job market remains tight. Candidates understand their worth in this market and are not afraid to demand higher pay, better perks, and benefits, and flexible work options. The demand for high-quality talent is also high, and well-trained 2023 graduates will enter a job market with plenty of opportunities.

    Focus on Mental Health

    Employee well-being has been a major issue in the workplace for years. Even before the pandemic, many employees complained of burnout and feeling miserable at work. With the current economic outlook, employee health, especially mental health, is predicted to continue its decline.

    To combat that, employers are looking at even more ways to support the mental health of their employees and prevent burnout.

    The pandemic played a major role in stimulating and shaping workplace trends for 2022 and that trend will continue into 2023 and beyond. Many companies are embracing these changes, putting their employees first and attracting the best talent while doing so.

    Need to expand your team to accomplish your 2023 business plans?

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    Staying Motivated at Work While Dealing with Seasonal Depression

    As the leaves fall with the cold darkness of winter close behind, many of us begin to feel a sense of dreariness. Lethargy, irritation, and anxiety can lead to a sharp decrease in motivation and mood. Before the pandemic, the rate of Americans experiencing seasonal depression, known formally as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), ran as high as 20%. With the addition of the stresses and fears of our “new normal,” the rate is even higher.

    If you are currently dealing with symptoms of seasonal depression, read on for some tips to make you more resilient to seasonal depression and stay motivated at work.

    Tips for Overcoming Seasonal Depression and Staying Motivated

    1. Vitamin D

    During the wintertime, sunshine exposure decreases significantly. Since sunshine is one of our primary sources of Vitamin D, we frequently experience a deficiency during that time. Nearly half of all Americans lack this essential nutrient and require supplementation. If you’re feeling lethargic and depressed during the dark days of winter, a daily Vitamin D supplement can make a difference in only a few weeks.

    2. Diet & Exercise

    How you treat your body profoundly affects your mood and, consequently, your ability to work. When stressed, we often reach for substances that worsen our condition, such as caffeine, drugs, alcohol, and “comfort” foods filled with sugar and fats. These substances may relieve our stress and make us feel better temporarily, but they also mess with our bodies and leave us more vulnerable to stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and illness. Increase your healthy hydration, including plenty of water, and follow a more nourishing, whole-food diet, including healthy snacks to keep your blood sugar balanced and your digestive system healthy.

    It’s also vital to stay active and get exercise. Any movement and activity are beneficial even if you cannot work out the way you did during the good weather. Try taking a dance class, joining a recreational sports league, or enjoying rock climbing at your local indoor adventure park to get active and connect with others.

    3. Network

    When we feel depressed, connecting with others at work may feel like the last thing we want to do. However, social connection improves your mental health. Uncomfortable as it may be, respond to those messages and consider letting someone know that things are going rough. The support of friends and colleagues who care makes a big difference.

    4. Light Therapy

    Light therapy can effectively elevate your mood and treat seasonal depression. Studies have shown that 20 minutes of artificial sunlight daily can be as effective as antidepressant medications. So, consider adding a lamp to your workspace or enjoying the artificial sunlight while you sip your morning coffee.

    Seasonal depression can be, well, depressing. Keep these tips in mind, and if you still feel down and stress during the winter months, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

    If you’re ready to start searching for a new job, search with Beacon Staffing!

    Transforming your Temporary Assignment into a Full-Time Offer

    Temporary employment is often a stepping stone to full-time job opportunities. Many job seekers use a temp job as a way into their dream job. Temp, freelance, or contract work is considered one of the best ways to gain an advantage over external candidates when a permanent or full-time position is available.

    If you’re interested in transforming your temp assignment into a full-time job, here are some tips to give you a leg up and in the door for your dream job.

    1. Find out if permanent employment is possible.

    Before you take a temp or contract position with the company, ask about their hiring policy and whether they take on temp employees for permanent roles.

    2. Show enthusiasm and a good mindset.

    Treat your temp position like a permanent one. Go the extra mile and show enthusiasm and commitment. Take a genuine interest in your job and be consistent with what you deliver every day.

    3. Network.

    Networking, when done right, is the best way to find a job. Keep in touch with your contacts and always look for new opportunities and connections. Build relationships with coworkers and leaders to reinforce your value and be visible. Make friends and show just how valuable an asset you would be as a permanent employee.

    4. Get to Know the Company.

    Research the company’s history, brand, culture, and goals. Understanding the organization will help you know where you potentially fit in the overall company and how your unique perspective and skills can benefit the whole and the area you specialize in.

    5. Reinforce Your Soft Skills.

    Though technical skills are always in demand, soft skills are more appreciated than ever. The ability to get along with others, work as a team player, and communicate well, combined with good technical skills, show your employer that you have what it takes to be an excellent permanent employee and leader.

    6. Plant the Seeds Early.

    If you’re interested in becoming a permanent employee, find out early on what it will take to get an offer. Showing interest early on increases the chances that you will be considered when permanent positions need filling.

    Temporary work can transition into full-time employment and often does. If you want to turn your short-term role into a long-term job, be patient and confident, keep the above tips in mind and prepare to settle into your dream job.

    If you’re struggling to find a full-time job that works for you, get in touch with our team today!

    9 Tips for Recruiting Warehouse Workers in Aberdeen, MD

    Are you having trouble recruiting warehouse workers in Aberdeen? If so, you’re not alone. The increase in e-commerce over the past decade and the coronavirus pandemic have been significant contributors to Aberdeen’s warehouse staffing shortage.  

    The 2021 Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute Manufacturing Talent study estimates that the manufacturing skills gap will result in 2.1 million unfilled jobs in the United States by 2023. The estimated cost of these unfilled jobs will be $1 trillion in 2030. 

    Recruiting warehouse workers is more difficult now than before. Fortunately, warehouse temp agencies in Aberdeen can help fill your hiring needs. Here’s how. 

    A Warehouse Temp Agency in Aberdeen Shares 9 Recruiting Tips for 2023  

    #1 Offer Flexible Scheduling for Warehouse Workers 

    Warehouse workers want flexible scheduling to promote work-life balance. Providing this perk helps you recruit warehouse workers in Aberdeen.  

    Flexible scheduling helps your company stand out from the competition. Filling warehouse workers’ needs also broadens your talent pipeline. This helps you find the limited number of warehouse workers who want to work overnight. 

    Providing flexible scheduling reduces warehouse worker absences. It also minimizes the need for your workers to perform more than 40 hours per week. This maximizes warehouse productivity, job satisfaction, and worker retention rates.  

    Consider offering flextime, shift work, or split shifts. These options typically fit warehouse workers’ schedules.  

    #2 Post Your Warehouse Jobs in Aberdeen on Your Company’s Website 

    Use your job descriptions to clarify the duties, responsibilities, expectations, and qualifications for your warehouse worker roles. Transparency in your job postings helps fill your warehouse staffing needs in Aberdeen. 

    • Share the demands of each warehouse job 
    • Provide realistic warehouse worker expectations  
    • Minimize the required knowledge, skills, and experience   
    • Include the nice-to-have qualifications 
    • Provide as much relevant detail as possible 
    • Avoid overwhelming candidates with information   

    Posting your warehouse jobs on your company’s website helps streamline your recruiting process. You can attract the right types of candidates and minimize the number of unqualified applicants. This lets you invest time in well-qualified candidates. It also helps reduce warehouse worker turnover.   

    Detail your company’s culture in your job postings. For instance, emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workforce. Also, prioritize communication between warehouse workers and management. Additionally, mention your employee recognition program. Plus, share opportunities for team-building activities. Further, include your comfortable chairs, refrigerator, microwave, vending machines, and other amenities in the break room.   

    Emphasize upward mobility in your job postings. For instance, include how your company prioritizes internal promotions over external hiring. Also, share how managers work with warehouse workers to create career development plans. Additionally, mention opportunities for bonuses and raises. These activities elevate your warehouse worker retention rates  

    Find other appropriate places to post your warehouse jobs: 

    • Websites where your competitors post their job openings: These sites already have traffic looking for similar jobs. Warehouse job seekers can click on and apply to your job postings. 
    • Niche job boards: Find quality candidates from a highly targeted audience. Gain access to skilled, experienced candidates.  
    • Social media: Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or TikTok to engage with candidates both organically and through paid advertising. 
    • Successful previous listings: Use the websites or online platforms that produced the best warehouse workers in the past.  

    #3 Leverage Employee Referrals  

    Encourage employee referrals by using email and newsletters to request warehouse worker referrals. Utilizing your employees’ networks helps expand your company’s network.  

    Employee referrals typically enjoy their jobs, perform their best, and remain long-term. This enhances your employee attraction and retention rates.  

    Your employees understand what it takes to complete warehouse tasks. They also have connections that fit with your company culture. As a result, your warehouse workers can clearly explain the work environment, job duties, and responsibilities to relevant members of their networks. 

    Hiring employee referrals reduces the time and money needed to recruit warehouse workers. You can fast-track the hiring process to bring aboard referrals. Be sure to offer a bonus or additional paid time off for each warehouse worker whose referral gets hired and stays for a set time.  

    #4 Re-Engage With Your Applicant Database 

    Maintain engagement with past and potential hires: 

    • Use email and SMS to update previous warehouse workers and applicants about your job openings. These individuals may be looking for new career opportunities.  
    • Retarget warehouse workers who worked for you. They may want to rejoin your organization.  
    • Participate in virtual hiring events. Warehouse candidates can learn about your company and apply for jobs at their convenience. 
    • Ask for referrals. Current and past warehouse workers may recommend candidates for your job openings.  

    #5 Raise Awareness of Your Company In Your Local Community  

    Warehouse workers are likely to take jobs with companies they recognize. For instance, partner with local trade schools, community colleges, and universities. Also, participate in job fairs and student work programs. Additionally, sponsor local scholarship programs, sports teams, and events. Plus, encourage employee volunteer work with local non-profit activities. 

    These activities elevate your organization’s standing in the local area. They also build your reputation as a preferred employer in your community. You can generate interest in your warehouse job openings and use brand recognition to attract and retain warehouse workers.  

    #6 Streamline Your Application Process  

    Make your warehouse worker application process fast and easy: 

    • Minimize the application length to increase the number of candidates who complete it. 
    • Include a request for referrals who fit the requirements of your job openings. 
    • Respond to applicants within 24 hours to increase your candidate pools. 
    • Be aware that some companies hire warehouse workers within minutes. 
    • Interview qualified candidates as quickly as possible.  
    • Provide job offers in a short amount of time. 

    #7 Advertise Competitive Pay at Your Aberdeen Warehouse 

     According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average rate of warehouse worker turnover is approximately 60%. Fortunately, you can increase your warehouse worker retention rate by providing competitive pay.  

    Competitive pay sets your company apart from your competitors’ companies. It also increases your candidate pipeline.  

    Offering competitive pay helps attract and keep the most experienced warehouse workers This encourages candidates to work for your company rather than another. 

    By offering competitive pay, you spend less time recruiting, onboarding, and training warehouse workers. This increases your company’s profitability and bottom line. 

    You can offer performance-based incentives to further attract warehouse workers: 

    • Show warehouse candidates that their efforts are directly and fairly rewarded beyond their base pay. 
    • Incentivize warehouse workers to work independently and perform their best. 
    • Base your pay-for-performance system on fair, achievable labor standards. 
    • Clarify your rewards system so warehouse workers understand it.   
    • Reward warehouse workers who increase efficiency and reach production goals.  
    • Significantly increase your warehouse workers’ productivity and performance.  
    • Minimize the impact of the warehouse worker shortage on your company.  

    Provide other financial incentives as well. Consider a sign-on bonus, retention bonus, employee referral bonus, health insurance, a retirement plan with a company match, or paid time off.  

    Emphasize how your incentives are better than your competitors’ incentives. Perhaps you offer an incentive that your competitors don’t. Maybe your health insurance plan is more comprehensive than your competitors’ plans. You might offer additional paid time off. Or, your retirement plan may have a company match higher than other companies’ matches. 

    #8 Recruit for Diversity in Aberdeen 

    Emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion when hiring warehouse workers.  

    • Having a diverse, equitable, and inclusive company culture attracts and retains quality warehouse workers.  
    • Diverse, equitable, and inclusive teams excel at innovation and problem-solving.  
    • Drawing from a broad range of ideas and perspectives helps resolve issues and overcome obstacles.  
    • Warehouse workers feel more comfortable working in a diverse, equitable, inclusive environment.  
    • Engagement, productivity, and performance among warehouse workers increase along with diversity, equity, and inclusion.  
    • Having a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment increases profits and your bottom line. 

    You can recruit for diversity, equity, and inclusion by implementing programs focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Or, you might ask your diverse warehouse workers to refer their family members and friends.  

    Perhaps you evaluate leadership performance in line with reaching hiring goals involving diversity, equity, and inclusion. Even better, partner with a firm that emphasizes diversity, equity, and inclusion in its Aberdeen warehouse staffing and recruiting services. 

    #9 Leverage Warehouse Staffing and Recruiting Services in Aberdeen 

    Gain access to experienced warehouse workers when you need them. This widens your warehouse candidate pipeline. It also saves time interviewing and hiring reliable warehouse workers.  

    You can blend temp warehouse workers with your full-time employees. You also could have temp warehouse workers fill in for your absent employees.  

    Evenly distributing the workload minimizes the impact of absent employees. It also reduces stress and the potential for warehouse worker burnout  

    Bringing aboard temp warehouse workers reduces your payroll and related expenses. As employees of the staffing firm, the firm is responsible for them. This means you can scale your warehouse workforce as needed. 

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