What Is Quiet Hiring and How to Implement This Strategy

As many companies are dealing with layoffs and the threat of recession, the quest to control personnel costs while building niche skill sets has become urgent. To handle these issues, an innovative new recruiting strategy is beginning to make waves.

Called “Quiet Hiring,” this optimized hiring strategy allows you to plug the skill gaps in your workforce without increasing your employee count. The goal is to minimize the risks and expenses of hiring additional staff, particularly the risk of a bad hire.

Types of Quiet Hiring

There are two types of quiet hiring:

Internal Quiet Hiring

Internal quiet hiring focuses on current employees, homing in on those who can take on different assignments or additional responsibilities. While challenging employees by redeploying them internally is not new, internal quiet hiring is more employee-driven and time-critical.

External Quiet Hiring

External quiet hiring is an alternative approach that brings talent in on a short-term basis. Companies often draw from their ex-employee networks or enlist gig or contract workers with ultra-niche skills.

Benefits of Quiet Hiring

Increases workforce agility.

As your company needs change and niche skill requirements evolve, quiet hiring allows you to fill positions quickly by moving employees around.

Boosts employee engagement.

Quiet hiring allows employees to grow and progress in their careers with opportunities to learn new skills and achieve greater recognition and higher pay.

Reduces hiring costs.

Quiet hiring reduces costs on two fronts. First, it eliminates the need to hire new full-time employees, thus cutting the HR expenses associated with traditional recruitment and onboarding. Second, it reduces the rate of attrition among current employees. Employees are more likely to stay in a job if they feel valued and have opportunities to advance and achieve more. Quiet hiring offers those rewards and opportunities.

Quiet Hiring Step-by-Step

Quiet hiring strategies need to be carefully planned, or they could backfire. Here are the key steps to successfully implementing a quiet hiring strategy:

1. Build a solid, detailed plan.

2. Provide leadership opportunities.

3. Maintain clear communication with employees.

4. Provide training opportunities and support for employees.

5. Recognize and reward employee efforts.

6. Work with employees to design career paths.

For many companies, hiring internally is the solution to satisfy the need for talent in a competitive market. Quiet hiring allows you to create an agile workforce while controlling your costs. Plus, it’s a valuable recruiting strategy that encourages employee growth and development.

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Benefits of Working with Warehouse Temp Agencies in Maryland

Have you ever worked with a warehouse temp agency in Maryland to fill your staffing needs? If not, you definitely should.

Working with a warehouse temp agency in Maryland provides a variety of benefits. They include cost effectiveness, reduced risk of bad hires, and securing qualified staff during peak season. Other benefits include acceleration of the hiring process, gaining access to a wide network of pre-screened candidates, and potentially finding high-quality permanent hires.

What is a Temporary Warehouse Staffing Agency?

A temporary warehouse staffing agency uses its resources and expertise to source, hire, and manage workers for their client companies. The agency’s warehouse staffing services provide client companies with skilled workers who fit the job qualifications, blend with the company’s culture, and regularly meet or exceed their employer’s expectations.

A temporary warehouse staffing agency handles most of the hiring process:

  • Creating job postings
  • Responding to job inquiries
  • Reviewing cover letters and resumes
  • Pre-screening candidates
  • Testing candidates
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Conducting interviews
  • Checking references
  • Conducting background checks
  • Negotiating job offers on behalf of candidates
  • Assisting with onboarding

Taking advantage of these staffing services frees up time to take care of other high-level responsibilities.

7 Reasons to Work with a Warehouse Temp Agency in Baltimore and Aberdeen, Maryland

#1 Warehouse Temp Agencies are Cost Effective

Working with a warehouse temp agency in Baltimore and Aberdeen means having the hiring process done for you. This frees up time and money to take on additional projects, increase revenue, and strengthen your bottom line.

Partnering with a warehouse staffing agency lets you outsource some of your Human Resources department’s hiring duties. Because warehouse temp workers are employed by the agency, you avoid spending time and money on payroll, taxes, benefits, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and other employment issues.

Most warehouse temp agencies provide health insurance, vacation days, and other benefits for their employees. This helps attract quality warehouse temp workers to your company while paying less than you do for your full-time employees.

Working with a warehouse temp agency means paying only for the services used. This lets you improve efficiency and maximize your budget without draining your resources.

Warehouse temp workers help relieve the workload for your permanent employees. This helps you avoid paying overtime, especially during busy seasons.

When a temp worker’s assignment ends, they can take on assignments with other employers. Because the worker is employed by the temp agency, you avoid having to let the worker go or pay unemployment insurance claims when you no longer need their services.

You have no need for concern if a warehouse temp worker does not work out. Simply ask to have the worker replaced at no additional charge.

#2 Reduce the Risk of Bad Hires with a Warehouse Temp Agency

Partnering with a warehouse staffing agency in Maryland means you can quickly replace a worker who does not work out. Perhaps the worker is not good at their tasks or does not get along with their coworkers.

Although the agency likely has a stringent candidate interviewing, testing, and screening process, mistakes can happen. Fortunately, you can receive a qualified replacement in a short amount of time. This helps maintain productivity, efficiency, and employee morale.

#3 Find Warehouse Staffing Solutions During Peak Season

Working with a warehouse temp agency in Baltimore and Aberdeen ensures you have the skilled workers you need when you need them. This is especially important during your peak season.

Planning ahead lets you streamline the onboarding and training processes so that warehouse temp workers blend with your full-time employees. When your peak season ends, the temp workers can move to other assignments. This flexibility keeps your employees busy without being overloaded with work.

#4 Warehouse Temp Agencies Accelerate the Hiring Process

Partnering with a warehouse staffing agency in Maryland lets your orders get filled quickly. This is especially important if an employee calls in sick, quits, is let go, or does not show up for their shift.

Adding temp workers to your team helps prevent bottlenecks in warehouse operations. It also minimizes the need for your employees to work overtime to reach daily targets.

#5 Workers are Pre-Screened by Warehouse Staffing Agencies

Taking advantage of a local temp agency’s warehouse staffing services provides you access to vetted candidates. These candidates already passed phone screenings, interviews, skills tests, background checks, reference checks, and drug screens and are ready to begin producing.

Adding pre-screened warehouse temp workers to your team increases productivity and performance. This helps reach your daily and weekly targets and company goals.

#6 Warehouse Staffing Agencies Have a Vast Network of Candidates

A local warehouse staffing agency has the knowledge, resources, and time to provide you with skilled temp workers. These experienced workers are ready to begin producing when you need them.

The warehouse staffing agency has access to vetted candidates with the skills, experience, and personality to fulfill the job duties and blend with your company’s culture. These candidates can quickly begin working to help maintain warehouse operations.

#7 Temporary Warehouse Workers Can Lead to Permanent Hires

Pay close attention to how the temporary warehouse workers blend with the rest of your team. You may want to hire the best workers as full-time employees after their contracts end.

You might want to offer temp-to-perm roles when you need to hire full-time employees. You can try out the workers on a temporary basis, typically 3-6 months, before deciding whether to extend a permanent job offer.

Offering temp-to-perm roles lets you determine whether the workers blend with your company’s culture, have the skills required to perform the work, and are able to reach daily and weekly targets. You also can evaluate how well the workers get along with others, implement constructive feedback, and prioritize ongoing learning and development.

If a worker in a temp-to-perm role displays the characteristics that are important for full-time employment, you have multiple options:

  • Offer the worker a permanent position at the end of their contract period.
  • Offer the worker a temp-to-perm role or full-time job in another position they may be better equipped for.
  • Let the worker move on to another assignment with a different company.

Partner with the Top Warehouse Temp Agency in Baltimore and Aberdeen, Maryland

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Beacon Staffing can connect you with warehouse workers who can fill a range of roles. Our recruiters learn what you want from your ideal candidate, then connect you with job seekers who can contribute across your organization. Because your warehouse deserves top workers, we use an extensive process to vet candidates. This lets you quickly and easily hire exceptional talent any time you work with us. Our team goes above and beyond the call of duty to help fill your needs for warehouse workers. We send you talent who fit your requirements. We also respond to your questions and concerns as they come up.

How Do Our Warehouse staffing Services Work?

We provide screened, qualified candidates in a range of industries. Our flexible, customized staffing services help you find the dependable workers you need to keep your company productive and profitable. Beacon Staffing has deep knowledge of the local community and innovative approach to staffing lets us deliver qualified, hardworking talent to you. We offer flexible staffing services to fit your business needs.

We understand that “one size fits all” is not effective for staffing. This is why we offer customized staffing solutions to meet our clients’ changing needs.

We evaluate our employees in a range of categories and skill levels to ensure you receive top-performing talent. We also perform criminal background investigations, drug testing, and other screening to provide trustworthy, reliable workers who positively impact your company’s culture.

Whether you need temp, temp-to-perm, or direct-hire staffing services in Maryland, count on Beacon Staffing to deliver talent you can trust. We get you the skilled workers you need when you need them.

Our staffing managers take time to learn what type of employee you like and need. Then, we send you qualified workers to fill your business needs. This leaves you more time to take care of your customers.

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Workplace Trends We Expect to see in 2023

As we head into 2023, we have seen workplaces shift heavily to remote and hybrid work. Inflation, layoffs, and the potential for a recession are driving many employees to ask for promotions or raises. Some have even looked for new positions with higher salaries to help them support their homes and families.

For managers, the focus has been on recruiting top talent and retaining them in these troubling times. Looking forward to 2023, we can expect to see several workplace trends impacting business operations. Let’s look at the top five.

Workers Have the Upper Hand

Employers vying for high-quality talent are likely to continue as the job market remains tight. Candidates understand their worth in this market and are not afraid to demand higher pay, better perks, and benefits, and flexible work options. The demand for high-quality talent is also high, and well-trained 2023 graduates will enter a job market with plenty of opportunities.

Focus on Mental Health

Employee well-being has been a major issue in the workplace for years. Even before the pandemic, many employees complained of burnout and feeling miserable at work. With the current economic outlook, employee health, especially mental health, is predicted to continue its decline.

To combat that, employers are looking at even more ways to support the mental health of their employees and prevent burnout.

The pandemic played a major role in stimulating and shaping workplace trends for 2022 and that trend will continue into 2023 and beyond. Many companies are embracing these changes, putting their employees first and attracting the best talent while doing so.

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9 Tips for Recruiting Warehouse Workers in Aberdeen, MD

Are you having trouble recruiting warehouse workers in Aberdeen? If so, you’re not alone. The increase in e-commerce over the past decade and the coronavirus pandemic have been significant contributors to Aberdeen’s warehouse staffing shortage.  

The 2021 Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute Manufacturing Talent study estimates that the manufacturing skills gap will result in 2.1 million unfilled jobs in the United States by 2023. The estimated cost of these unfilled jobs will be $1 trillion in 2030. 

Recruiting warehouse workers is more difficult now than before. Fortunately, warehouse temp agencies in Aberdeen can help fill your hiring needs. Here’s how. 

A Warehouse Temp Agency in Aberdeen Shares 9 Recruiting Tips for 2023  

#1 Offer Flexible Scheduling for Warehouse Workers 

Warehouse workers want flexible scheduling to promote work-life balance. Providing this perk helps you recruit warehouse workers in Aberdeen.  

Flexible scheduling helps your company stand out from the competition. Filling warehouse workers’ needs also broadens your talent pipeline. This helps you find the limited number of warehouse workers who want to work overnight. 

Providing flexible scheduling reduces warehouse worker absences. It also minimizes the need for your workers to perform more than 40 hours per week. This maximizes warehouse productivity, job satisfaction, and worker retention rates.  

Consider offering flextime, shift work, or split shifts. These options typically fit warehouse workers’ schedules.  

#2 Post Your Warehouse Jobs in Aberdeen on Your Company’s Website 

Use your job descriptions to clarify the duties, responsibilities, expectations, and qualifications for your warehouse worker roles. Transparency in your job postings helps fill your warehouse staffing needs in Aberdeen. 

  • Share the demands of each warehouse job 
  • Provide realistic warehouse worker expectations  
  • Minimize the required knowledge, skills, and experience   
  • Include the nice-to-have qualifications 
  • Provide as much relevant detail as possible 
  • Avoid overwhelming candidates with information   

Posting your warehouse jobs on your company’s website helps streamline your recruiting process. You can attract the right types of candidates and minimize the number of unqualified applicants. This lets you invest time in well-qualified candidates. It also helps reduce warehouse worker turnover.   

Detail your company’s culture in your job postings. For instance, emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workforce. Also, prioritize communication between warehouse workers and management. Additionally, mention your employee recognition program. Plus, share opportunities for team-building activities. Further, include your comfortable chairs, refrigerator, microwave, vending machines, and other amenities in the break room.   

Emphasize upward mobility in your job postings. For instance, include how your company prioritizes internal promotions over external hiring. Also, share how managers work with warehouse workers to create career development plans. Additionally, mention opportunities for bonuses and raises. These activities elevate your warehouse worker retention rates  

Find other appropriate places to post your warehouse jobs: 

  • Websites where your competitors post their job openings: These sites already have traffic looking for similar jobs. Warehouse job seekers can click on and apply to your job postings. 
  • Niche job boards: Find quality candidates from a highly targeted audience. Gain access to skilled, experienced candidates.  
  • Social media: Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or TikTok to engage with candidates both organically and through paid advertising. 
  • Successful previous listings: Use the websites or online platforms that produced the best warehouse workers in the past.  

#3 Leverage Employee Referrals  

Encourage employee referrals by using email and newsletters to request warehouse worker referrals. Utilizing your employees’ networks helps expand your company’s network.  

Employee referrals typically enjoy their jobs, perform their best, and remain long-term. This enhances your employee attraction and retention rates.  

Your employees understand what it takes to complete warehouse tasks. They also have connections that fit with your company culture. As a result, your warehouse workers can clearly explain the work environment, job duties, and responsibilities to relevant members of their networks. 

Hiring employee referrals reduces the time and money needed to recruit warehouse workers. You can fast-track the hiring process to bring aboard referrals. Be sure to offer a bonus or additional paid time off for each warehouse worker whose referral gets hired and stays for a set time.  

#4 Re-Engage With Your Applicant Database 

Maintain engagement with past and potential hires: 

  • Use email and SMS to update previous warehouse workers and applicants about your job openings. These individuals may be looking for new career opportunities.  
  • Retarget warehouse workers who worked for you. They may want to rejoin your organization.  
  • Participate in virtual hiring events. Warehouse candidates can learn about your company and apply for jobs at their convenience. 
  • Ask for referrals. Current and past warehouse workers may recommend candidates for your job openings.  

#5 Raise Awareness of Your Company In Your Local Community  

Warehouse workers are likely to take jobs with companies they recognize. For instance, partner with local trade schools, community colleges, and universities. Also, participate in job fairs and student work programs. Additionally, sponsor local scholarship programs, sports teams, and events. Plus, encourage employee volunteer work with local non-profit activities. 

These activities elevate your organization’s standing in the local area. They also build your reputation as a preferred employer in your community. You can generate interest in your warehouse job openings and use brand recognition to attract and retain warehouse workers.  

#6 Streamline Your Application Process  

Make your warehouse worker application process fast and easy: 

  • Minimize the application length to increase the number of candidates who complete it. 
  • Include a request for referrals who fit the requirements of your job openings. 
  • Respond to applicants within 24 hours to increase your candidate pools. 
  • Be aware that some companies hire warehouse workers within minutes. 
  • Interview qualified candidates as quickly as possible.  
  • Provide job offers in a short amount of time. 

#7 Advertise Competitive Pay at Your Aberdeen Warehouse 

 According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average rate of warehouse worker turnover is approximately 60%. Fortunately, you can increase your warehouse worker retention rate by providing competitive pay.  

Competitive pay sets your company apart from your competitors’ companies. It also increases your candidate pipeline.  

Offering competitive pay helps attract and keep the most experienced warehouse workers This encourages candidates to work for your company rather than another. 

By offering competitive pay, you spend less time recruiting, onboarding, and training warehouse workers. This increases your company’s profitability and bottom line. 

You can offer performance-based incentives to further attract warehouse workers: 

  • Show warehouse candidates that their efforts are directly and fairly rewarded beyond their base pay. 
  • Incentivize warehouse workers to work independently and perform their best. 
  • Base your pay-for-performance system on fair, achievable labor standards. 
  • Clarify your rewards system so warehouse workers understand it.   
  • Reward warehouse workers who increase efficiency and reach production goals.  
  • Significantly increase your warehouse workers’ productivity and performance.  
  • Minimize the impact of the warehouse worker shortage on your company.  

Provide other financial incentives as well. Consider a sign-on bonus, retention bonus, employee referral bonus, health insurance, a retirement plan with a company match, or paid time off.  

Emphasize how your incentives are better than your competitors’ incentives. Perhaps you offer an incentive that your competitors don’t. Maybe your health insurance plan is more comprehensive than your competitors’ plans. You might offer additional paid time off. Or, your retirement plan may have a company match higher than other companies’ matches. 

#8 Recruit for Diversity in Aberdeen 

Emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion when hiring warehouse workers.  

  • Having a diverse, equitable, and inclusive company culture attracts and retains quality warehouse workers.  
  • Diverse, equitable, and inclusive teams excel at innovation and problem-solving.  
  • Drawing from a broad range of ideas and perspectives helps resolve issues and overcome obstacles.  
  • Warehouse workers feel more comfortable working in a diverse, equitable, inclusive environment.  
  • Engagement, productivity, and performance among warehouse workers increase along with diversity, equity, and inclusion.  
  • Having a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment increases profits and your bottom line. 

You can recruit for diversity, equity, and inclusion by implementing programs focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Or, you might ask your diverse warehouse workers to refer their family members and friends.  

Perhaps you evaluate leadership performance in line with reaching hiring goals involving diversity, equity, and inclusion. Even better, partner with a firm that emphasizes diversity, equity, and inclusion in its Aberdeen warehouse staffing and recruiting services. 

#9 Leverage Warehouse Staffing and Recruiting Services in Aberdeen 

Gain access to experienced warehouse workers when you need them. This widens your warehouse candidate pipeline. It also saves time interviewing and hiring reliable warehouse workers.  

You can blend temp warehouse workers with your full-time employees. You also could have temp warehouse workers fill in for your absent employees.  

Evenly distributing the workload minimizes the impact of absent employees. It also reduces stress and the potential for warehouse worker burnout  

Bringing aboard temp warehouse workers reduces your payroll and related expenses. As employees of the staffing firm, the firm is responsible for them. This means you can scale your warehouse workforce as needed. 

Work with Aberdeen’s Top Warehouse Temp Agency – Beacon Staffing   

Partner with Beacon Staffing to recruit warehouse workers in Aberdeen. Request a warehouse worker or contact us today for warehouse temp staffing services.  

3 Secrets to Attracting Passive Candidates

Recruitment is more competitive than ever. Many companies have shifted hiring strategies to focus more attention on passive candidates. Passive candidates are well-qualified individuals who, while not actively looking for work at your company, may still consider working there. Targeting passive candidates can successfully attract top-quality talent to your company while saving you time and money.

Consistently attracting passive candidates to your company requires you to focus on how the public perceives your company and how you can elevate your company in the public eye and reach the high-quality passive candidates you need.

Ready to improve your hiring strategies and save your company time and money during recruitment? Here are three secrets for attracting the passive candidates you’re looking for:

1. Elevate Your Company’s Online Presence

We are attracted to what we see, so creating a solid online brand is a significant way to drive recruitment. Your company’s online presence is multi-faceted, including the website, social media profiles, media coverage, reviews, videos, and more. Actively managing your digital presence and curating your brand to cultivate positive perceptions among candidates and customers alike is crucial.

A robust online brand:

  • Educates passive candidates about your company culture, including well-being, benefits, and perks,
  • Showcases employee accomplishments and testimonials, and
  • Highlights the company’s initiatives.

You can improve your digital strategy by adding vibrant, engaging videos and imagery and providing information and education through blog posts and articles. You can also hire a professional website designer to revamp your website and hone your marketing efforts for peak effectiveness.

2. Revamp Your Job Descriptions

Job descriptions should constantly evolve and adjust to reach the candidates you’re looking for, including passive candidates. Well-written job descriptions not only communicate your company’s mission and values but also can interest potential passive candidates enough to make them consider leaving their job, even if they are otherwise content there.

Include information in your enhanced job descriptions that goes beyond the job itself. Discuss the company’s mission and values, opportunities for growth and career advancement, and the perks and benefits.

3. Expand Your Recruitment Focus

It is common for companies to focus on specific candidate profiles when recruiting. While this might seem a good tactic, it can be detrimental to growing a diverse, highly qualified team. By limiting the scope of candidates, you could miss individuals who, while not possessing every mark of education or experience, can make meaningful contributions to your company.

Are you ready to attract top-quality passive candidates? By using the advice above, you can more effectively attract passive candidates that will be an asset to your company, adding value and improving your organization from day one.

If you need help hiring, turn to Beacon Staffing today!

How Temporary Staffing Can Help Aberdeen Employers Maintain Productivity in a Recession

Are you, like other companies in Aberdeen, preparing for a recession? Odds are, your answer is “yes.” 

Do you have plans to fill your staffing needs during a recession? Hopefully, partnering with a temporary staffing agency is part of your strategy. 

Are you wondering how temporary staffing in Aberdeen can help your company during a recession? Here are six ways. 

#1 Significantly Expand Your Network of Talent in Aberdeen and Beyond 

Do you want access to the top talent in your industry? If so, work with a temporary staffing agency in Aberdeen that caters to your field.  

Partnering with a local, industry-focused staffing agency expands your network in the following ways: 

  • Access a vast, deep network of vetted candidates ready to begin working when needed.  
  • Fill your short- and long-term staffing needs through on-demand temporary staffing services. 
  • Find the best fit for the job requirements and company culture. 
  • Gain an advocate who fills your staffing needs and supports your organization’s success.  
  • Continue filling your hiring needs during a recession.   

#2 Gain Access to In-Demand Skills 

Do you need to fill a skills gap to take on additional projects? Then take advantage of temporary staffing services in Aberdeen. 

Bringing aboard temporary staffing helps your company in the following ways: 

  • Add team members with the niche skills required for projects. 
  • Find the specialized talent you need when you need it.  
  • Increase your company’s productivity, revenue, and bottom line. 
  • Create more stability for your organization during a recession.  

#3 Save Time and Money on Hiring with a Temporary Staffing Agency in Aberdeen 

Are you looking to decrease the amount of time and money spent on adding members to your team? Then your best option is to work with temporary staffing agencies in Aberdeen.  

Hiring temp workers provides the following advantages: 

  • No upfront costs for hiring 
  • No time spent posting jobs, reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, performing background checks, and negotiating job offers 
  • No paying for expensive benefits, payroll taxes, or related costs – the temporary staff are employees of the agency and are on the agency’s payroll, not yours 
  • No bad hires – ask the staffing agency to replace any worker who is not meeting expectations  
  • No absentees – the staffing agency provides a replacement worker if the scheduled worker is unavailable 
  • No overtime – ask the staffing agency to provide temporary workers rather than pay your employees extra to work beyond their typical hours  
  • Free up cash flow to cover payroll, bills, and other expenses  
  • Lower your expenses to maintain your company’s financial standing  
  • Free up time and money to focus on other issues during the recession  

#4 Temp Services in Aberdeen Increase the Flexibility of Your Workforce 

Do you want to avoid layoffs and the headaches that go along with them? If so, take advantage of temporary staffing services in Aberdeen.  

Having a flexible workforce provides the following benefits: 

  • Increase or decrease your staff based on need 
  • Maintain control over your staffing needs during uncertain times     
  • Bring in temporary staff during times of high demand without adding the workers to your payroll  
  • Avoid spending time and money hiring, onboarding, and training employees you do not need long-term 
  • Reduce your temporary staff when the workload goes down without having to pay unemployment benefits 
  • Lower employee stress and potential burnout by better distributing the workload 
  • Keep your business operations running under changing circumstances  
  • Be prepared for any potential staffing needs during the recession and beyond    

#5 Minimize Your Employment Risks with a Staffing Agency in Aberdeen 

Are you looking to reduce the risks involved with hiring employees? If so, hire temp workers in Aberdeen. 

Partnering with a temporary staffing agency minimizes your employment risks in the following ways: 

  • The temporary staffing agency holds the majority of responsibility and liability for temp workers. 
  • The staffing agency assumes the financial risks of temp workers who quit or get fired. 
  • The agency is responsible for insurance coverage and labor laws regarding temp workers. 
  • Minimizing your employment risks helps you focus on other areas of business as you navigate through the recession.  

#6 Hire Faster After the Recession Ends 

Are you looking for ways to speed up your hiring process when the economy becomes more stable? Then start using temporary staffing services in Aberdeen. 

Working with temporary staff provides the following benefits: 

  • Train temp workers to use the equipment and machines that run your company. 
  • Find workers who blend with your company culture and excel in your roles. 
  • Get to know temp workers as they contribute to your organization. 
  • Bring back the desired workers for future projects. 
  • Talk with the temporary staffing agency about permanently hiring the best temp workers in the future.  
  • Know whom to turn to when your hiring needs pick up  

Ready to Begin Using Temporary Staffing Services in Aberdeen? 

Recession-proof your company by taking advantage of the temp light industrial or administrative staffing services provided by Beacon Staffing. Request an employee or contact us today for temporary staffing services in Aberdeen. 

4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Thank Employees During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially on the horizon, and with that, it’s essential as a manager to find ways to give back to your team and show them your gratitude and appreciation for all that they do. Some of the more expensive ways to do this are a given: holiday parties, extra time off, and of course, year-end bonuses. Beyond that, though, there are many meaningful and budget-friendly ways to thank your employees during the holiday season. Let’s take a look at four of the best!

1. Handwritten Notes

Nothing is simpler and more meaningful than a handwritten note. Whether you put the note on fine stationery or use a simple printed “Thank You” card, the effort and time you put into writing a personal note lets your employees know that you are genuinely grateful for their work throughout the past year.

Take the time to be sincere and specific, too. If you are unsure of the specific accomplishments of individual employees, talk to their supervisors. If your team is too big, enlist the team supervisors to help with the notes. Ensure you mail the notes to the employees; do not just hand them out at the office.

2. Charitable Donations

During the season of giving, you can donate to charities that your employees care about as a gesture of appreciation. You could offer a small donation to a charity selected by the employee or a donation to an organization that the entire team chooses. However you do it, the most important thing is that your employees choose the charity that gets the donation, not you.

3. Fulfill Wishes for Team Members

This is a very seasonally appropriate way to engage your employees and give them something meaningful. Choose a day or a week during the holiday season and recruit volunteers to be holiday “elves.” Give them a small budget and send them off to fulfill the wishes of their co-workers. You could even have employees write down their wishes and throw them in a bowl for the wish fulfillment team to draw from.

4. Free Food

Whether it’s a bountiful breakfast buffet or simply coffee and doughnuts, free food is always welcome and an excellent way to show employees they are appreciated. If you have a small staff, take your employees out to lunch.

Looking to hire for the holiday season and beyond? Contact Beacon Staffing!

Embracing the holiday spirit and giving to your employees is a fantastic way to foster good work relationships and let them know how valuable and appreciated they are.

Searching for Your Perfect Candidate vs. Hiring on Potential

The state of today’s workforce is changing rapidly. In the past, many employers have based their hiring decisions on competence and a veritable laundry list of skills and educational achievements in their quest to find the “perfect candidate.”

There are no perfect candidates, though, and as companies struggle to recruit the candidates they need, being a “good fit” has become more critical. Managers are now asking themselves, “Which is more important: experience or potential?”

Let’s look at some of the benefits of hiring candidates for their potential rather than their experience and education.

Benefits of Hiring for Potential vs. Experience

If a candidate applies for your advertised job opening and doesn’t have the three years of experience you require, you may write them off before even looking at their resume. They may have checked every other box, though, and would be an excellent fit for your company.

Hiring for potential means being open to considering more than years of service as a measurement of what the candidate has to offer.

Sometimes hiring for experience doesn’t equal successful levels of performance. While they may have years of experience, those years may be without any significant results or growth. Knowledge is excellent, but passion is essential, too.

Fresh Perspectives

One of the significant benefits of hiring someone with more potential than experience is that they bring a fresh perspective to the table. Candidates with less experience are more likely to ask questions and challenge the status quo, both of which are necessary to stimulate higher levels of passion, motivation, and curiosity. When you’re hiring someone new, you want a candidate that is willing and able to learn new skills that will push your company to grow and provide better service and value to your customers.

Soft Skills and Attitude

The hard skills necessary to perform a job can be easily taught to anyone. Attitude, however, and the personality traits and coping abilities that are known collectively as “soft skills” cannot be so easily learned. If an employee’s personality doesn’t mesh well with the workplace culture of the current team, it can have a costly effect on the whole staff.

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Every job seeker has their own set of quirks and perks. Opening your job search to include candidates with more potential than experience improves your chance of finding the elusive “perfect candidate” and enriching your company with fresh perspectives, bold ideas, and renewed enthusiasm for your company’s culture and goals.

How Gen Z Can Differ From Millennials in the Workforce

As more Gen Z workers enter a workforce increasingly dominated by Millennials, it’s essential to understand how workers from both generations view work and approach tasks. Each group has been shaped by the innovations and challenges they grew up with.

In this blog, we’ll look at some of the defining characteristics of Gen Z and Millennials in the workplace, how they differ, and how their unique traits and experiences enhance the workplace.

What is Gen Z?

Gen Z, or Generation Z, is a demographic term for anyone born between 1997 and 2015. This generation grew up with technology and has never experienced a world without the internet, social media, or smartphones. Highly independent, Gen Z is generally aware of economic, environmental, political, and social issues and integrates activism into their daily lives.

Millennial Characteristics

Millennials were born between 1981 and 1996, with the oldest millennials in their 40s. This was the first generation to use the internet, have mobile devices, and face the economic hardships of student loan debt and a global recession. Millennials watched the development of many new technologies and watched them become obsolete.

Gen Z and Millennials in the Workplace

Gen Z and Millennials share main characteristics in common, but their differences are noteworthy and can significantly affect how they work together. Understanding these differences as a manager can help you improve your whole team’s ability to collaborate and perform.


Millennials grew up with the pressure to go to college. At the same time, Gen Z pursues knowledge and skills through less traditional methods such as online tutorials, online classes, and real-world experience.


While both groups are comfortable with technology as a part of daily life and work, Gen Z was raised in it. Millennials are eager to learn and adapt to new technology while still retaining the capability to work at high levels without it. Gen Z workers are “digital natives” and find it more difficult to “unplug” when needed.


Millennials grew up understanding that some forms of personal expression, including piercings, tattoos, clothing, and hair color, could prevent them from landing a job. Gen Z, on the other hand, is more likely to value expression over advancement and gravitates toward company cultures that are more casual and open.


Workers within Gen Z have a shorter attention span than millennials. While younger millennials grew up with the same technology as Gen Z, it was less pervasive. Gen Z is used to a bombardment of information, so processing a great deal at once is their strength, while focusing on a single subject is more difficult.

Though these differences, and others, exist between Gen Z and Millennial workers, they create a strong dynamic of experience and innovation in the workplace that improves the mindset and productivity of the entire work team.

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Management Best Practices: Giving Employees Constructive Feedback

Feedback is one of the most important parts of professional life. As a manager, you must ensure that your employees know what they are doing well and where and how they could improve to help the company function more productively.

Constructive feedback takes skill, however. You need to learn how to give feedback that allows your employees to develop skills and more effectively pursue their goals. Read on to learn some valuable tips for giving employees constructive feedback.

What is Constructive Feedback?

Constructive feedback is a type of guidance that focuses on areas for improvement and offers strategies or solutions to accomplish the improvement. Constructive feedback is thoughtful and supportive. The goal is always to help the employee improve their work performance.

Constructive feedback, also called constructive criticism, is a crucial part of the manager-employee relationship. It is constructive because it seeks to help the employee understand what areas of their work performance need improvement and how they could best accomplish that goal.

When to Provide Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism can be provided at any time, but there are some situations when providing this valuable guidance is vital:

  • Performance reviews
  • Following an incident
  • Concluding a project

Tips For Giving Employees Constructive Feedback

Focus on observations

Stick to “I” statements and avoid character judgments. Focus on the employee’s actions.

State the feedback clearly and directly

Be kind but blunt. The employee needs to fully understand the issue and how they can positively change for the better.

Show empathy and sincerity

Employees may be upset that they’ve made an error or performed poorly. Be considerate and let your employees know you care about them and sincerely want to help them improve.

Share Constructive feedback in person and privately if possible

Constructive feedback is always more effective in person and should be given privately, so the employee doesn’t feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

Provide guidance

Offer suggestions for how the employee can improve the situation.

Include positive feedback

Show the employee that you see and appreciate the good work they’ve done makes them more receptive to the constructive comments and guidance you’re offering.

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