Job Seeker Myth-Busting: Working with a Staffing Agency

The prospect of landing a new job on your own can seem a daunting task. While you may continue to search for a job on your own, seeking the help of a staffing agency like Beacon Staffing can be beneficial. Many myths circulating about staffing agencies may discourage you from seeking the help you need.

Here are some of the most common myths about staffing agencies:

Myth 1: Staffing agencies only offer part-time or temporary work

One of the biggest myths about staffing agencies is that they only offer part-time positions or temporary jobs. While most agencies do offer temporary assignments and seasonal work, they also provide:

  • Direct hire
  • Temp-to-hire
  • Long-term
  • Permanent positions

Myth 2: Staffing agencies only offer manual labor or administrative jobs

Most staffing agencies work with clients from various industries, including healthcare, technology, and the service industry. Some agencies do have a niche industry or industries that they work in. Do your research and choose a staffing firm that fits your expertise or field of interest.

Myth 3: Jobs are all entry-level or low wage

Most staffing agencies assist clients who need various positions filled that require different levels of experience and pay at different levels. Low-wage and entry-level jobs are available, but you can expect to find a position paid at a salary or hourly rate that fits your experience and skill set.

Myth 4: The staffing agency takes a cut of your paycheck

Staffing agencies do get paid for their work, but not by you. The employer pays a fee to the staffing firm for a worker’s placement with them. In fact, as a job candidate, you can negotiate for better pay or additional perks with the help of the staffing agency.

Myth 5: Benefits and health insurance are not available if you work through a staffing agency

According to the American Staffing Association, many staffing agencies now provide benefit incentives to attract the top qualified job candidates. You can find a staffing firm that offers benefits to all types of employees, including temporary and contract workers. Available benefits may include:

  • Holiday pay/ vacation pay
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plans

Staffing agency myths keep many valuable employees from finding their dream job. We hope that this myth-busting post has helped ease your doubts about looking for work with a staffing agency.

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