3 Secrets to Improving Your Career “Luck”

When it comes to career success, it does seem like some people have all the career “luck.” Everything seems to go their way, from professional wins to significant career advancement.

Envying these people and their career luck may be tempting, but the truth is that their success is not the result of chance. Every successful professional will tell you that their professional “luck” was achieved through hard work and conscious choices.

Want to learn the secrets to improving your own career “luck?” In this blog, we’ll discuss three secrets to put you solidly on the path to career success that will have you joining the ranks of the “lucky” in no time.

1. Surround yourself with high performers/ good influences

What do all the most successful professionals have in common? They surround themselves with people who encourage, uplift, and support them. If you want to improve your career luck and achieve your goals, level up your inner circle. Build connections with people who support your career goals and constantly challenge you to aim higher and be better.

2. Communicate your goals to others/your boss

You know your ambitions and dreams better than anyone. Talk to your inner circle about your career goals and intentions. Your network of coworkers may be valuable sources of advice or the key to an introduction or referral. Even your boss can be a valuable supporter and network connection. The more those around you know about your goals, the better your chances are of getting them.

3. Embrace hard & consistent work

Professional success doesn’t happen overnight, no matter what the media would have you believe. If you want to reach your career goals, you must put in the time and effort to pursue what you want. The true secret to making your own luck is hard work. Staying focused, day after day, while you put in the work and utilize your connections will ultimately lead you to your desired career success.

Luck doesn’t just happen; you make it happen. To achieve your professional goals and enjoy the career success you dream of, you must create it with the right behaviors and choices. With solid goals, a strong inner circle, and a consistent work ethic, your career “luck” is coming.

Remember, you have the most control over your own luck! For help finding your next job opportunity, turn to Beacon Staffing!