How to Organize Your Workspace to Maximize Productivity

Whether working in an office or from home, it is essential to keep your workspace organized. A neat, well-organized workspace improves your focus and helps you get more done, increasing your efficiency and overall productivity.

Organizing your workspace doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some great ways to manage your work area and motivate you to work.

Clear the Clutter

Clutter in your workspace can be a serious distraction when you’re working. Whether it’s piles of papers and office supplies or piles of laundry and supplies for tonight’s dinner, clutter can keep you from getting your work done.

Keep your workspace free from anything unrelated to your job, primarily if you work from home. Create a filing system and use shelves, cupboards, and cabinets to keep supplies and work materials contained, organized, and out of sight until needed.

Your Desk is Not a Dining Table

While it’s essential to be comfortable in your workspace, getting too comfortable can hurt your ability to focus. This includes eating while working. Though sometimes unavoidable, you should not use your desk as a dining table. Make a determined effort to enjoy any meals or breaks in a separate area during the workday.

Plants and Pictures

It is essential to have a comfortable workspace, and making the space personal is an ideal way to do that. Pictures of family and friends or favorite pieces of art help create a warm, intimate atmosphere that encourages you to do your best and focus on every project.

Another great way to personalize your workspace is to add greenery. Easy-care greenery such as snake plants, ivy, philodendron, and cacti add color to your workspace, clean the air, and reduce stress levels.

Give Tech Its Place

Nothing breaks your concentration more surely than stopping to check your tech. Phones, tablets, and other devices that link to social media, personal email, or video sites are a powerful distraction. Also, the clutter and confusion of cords and connectors can be challenging when work equipment needs power and access. Keep your tech in a separate space to reduce the temptation to check them and streamline your workday.

Organizing your workspace has a significant effect on your productivity. It improves your concentration, boosts your creativity, and hones your mind’s cleverness. Whether you’re working in an office or at home, organizing your workspace will improve your performance on the job and at home.

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5 Ways to Encourage Better Communication in Your Workplace

Effective communication is the cornerstone of your workplace. Today, communication in the workplace can quickly become a source of conflict that disrupts your company’s ability to function. Good communication improves team bonding, builds trust, and makes your workplace more enjoyable and comfortable.

Employee One-To-Ones

An “open-door” policy regarding communication with employees allows your employees to feel free to come to you. For many employees, though, talking in private is easier. Setting up weekly or monthly one-to-one meetings offers another option for employees to speak with you about job-related issues and feel comfortable.

Be consistent about holding these private meetings and if you need to cancel or reschedule, make sure you let your employees know first. This ensures that they know you value their time, building trust between you.

Regular Work Team Meetings

In addition to the one-to-one meetings, team meetings are also important. Weekly team meetings allow employees to share their goals with the whole team and learn important information together, leading to more significant opportunities for collaboration and transparency.

Team meetings are also an excellent way for managers to present new projects to the whole team, ensuring that all team members are on the same page. Open Q&A periods during these meetings provide employees with a time to ask questions and voice concerns they may have about projects or culture to the entire team.

Keep Employees Informed and Follow Up

When your employees are all on the same page, your operation runs more smoothly. Instead of verbal agreements or deadlines that could leave employees out of the loop, take notes during meetings and ensure that your employees understand business objectives and expectations.

Create a Positive Company Culture

Communication within your company will not have the same value if your employees do not feel safe communicating. You want to ensure that your employees feel psychologically safe and that they can express themselves without fear of negative consequences from coworkers and management.

The best way to create and promote psychological safety within the workplace is to lead by example. Practice humility when you make mistakes and be willing to admit you’re wrong or that you don’t have the answer to a question.

Communicate the “Whys”

Take time to explain why a task is important or why it must be done in a particular way. Employees can get frustrated when they don’t understand the details of a project or assignment. It improves clarity and understanding of the project or task, but it adds more significant meaning to work for your employees.

Keep making an effort to connect with employees, hear what they’re thinking, challenge their ideas, and answer questions. By practicing good listening and communication skills and leading by example, managers foster an effective workplace communication strategy and increase the success of their business.

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Are You a Teacher Out On Summer Break? Consider these Temp Jobs

School’s out for summer, and students aren’t the only ones looking for summer jobs! For many teachers, summer break is an ideal time to supplement their annual income and pick up a temporary position. If you’re a teacher looking to explore new options and make some extra money this summer, look no further. Consider one of these temp jobs to keep you busy and keep income flowing in until autumn.

Test Scorer

Test scorers are needed throughout the year for all subjects and levels of education. Government agencies and private companies often hire temporary test scorers to score batches of tests. Most test scorer positions require a bachelor’s degree and expertise in the test subject and in written communication.

English Language Teacher

Teaching English as a second language is a rewarding summer job where skilled educators are always in demand. Some companies require certification to teach English as a Foreign Language. Once you have that, there are many job options, including online, in-person, group classes, or one-on-one lessons.


Summer tutoring offers flexibility when it comes to shifts and workday schedules. It also offers teaching options for all levels of education. Many tutoring companies prefer that you have a degree. Others are willing to give you a chance, provided you understand the subject you wish to teach.

Data Entry Clerk

Data entry is one of the most popular summer jobs for teachers. Many of these positions require little or no experience to start. Positions are often available for remote work and in-person. Data entry is a fairly straightforward job requiring you to enter data into a spreadsheet to organize the information. The information may also be provided as a reference for others doing research, or to educate and inspire.

Resume Editor

Maybe your ideal summer job is helping someone else get a job? Resume writing can be difficult for many job candidates. For those struggling to get that dream job, hiring a professional to help with their resume is a solution. Resume editors help ensure that the proper format, structure, and content are a solution.

Resume editing requires little to no experience and candidates for this job are always in high demand.

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The Benefits of Implementing Mid-Year Performance Reviews

If you are a busy manager, conducting mid-year performance reviews may seem like a lot of unnecessary work. However, when done correctly, a mid-year review is an excellent opportunity to provide feedback, explore the growth and support of your employees, and encourage them to develop their skills and hit year-end goals.

Mid-year performance reviews offer many benefits for employees and companies alike. Here’s why you should be implementing them.

A More Relaxed Setting

Mid-year performance reviews are not as formal and official as annual reviews. While annual reviews are about more weighty topics such as pay raises and employee promotions, mid-year reviews are more laid-back. Sharing feedback is the focus during a mid-year review, and it is a great time to emphasize employee development and available resources.

Timing is Everything

Mid-year reviews are an ideal time to implement new changes. Whether hiring and training new employees, launching new advertising and marketing campaigns, or ordering inventory, it takes time to get things going. Conducting a mid-year review gives you time to start before the autumn annual review rolls around.

Also, many businesses are relaxing this time of year. It’s a great time to implement essential changes while your competitors are at ease, positioning yourself for new sales in the second half of the year and a bigger payoff.

Timing is also crucial when it comes to new opportunities. Some innovations or products may not be available when the annual review arrives.


When your employees have tangible, achievable goals, it energizes them. Setting goals during a mid-year review sets objectives to work towards for the autumn and holiday season. You might present unique upsell opportunities or offer employees the chance to earn bonuses throughout the summer. Boosting morale improves productivity and ensures your employees are focused on their goals and your company’s ultimate success.

Mid-year performance reviews are not just about the present status of employees and company growth. They are also a valuable time to see where the entire business stands and how you can boost productivity and provide a positive, focused work culture for all your employees.

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3 Reasons to Consider a Temp Job this Summer

As summer approaches, there’s no better time to start thinking about getting a temporary or contract job for the summer. Businesses across the country are opening up, expanding their employee rosters, and are eager to bring fresh talent into their companies.

Here are some great reasons to consider taking a temporary or contract job this summer:

Temp Jobs Open Doors

With so much competition for work, a temporary position can be a great way to get your foot in the door. After so much time in lockdown, companies are eager to get back up to speed and are actively looking for new talent. However, many companies are holding back on employing people full-time, either because they fear the possibility of future lockdowns or because their company wants to build back up to total capacity at a slow and steady pace.

Many large companies, though, hire hundreds of employees for the summer and during their peak production seasons, so pursuing a temp job now strategically positions you to go for that full-time position later on.

Hot Summer Job Market

Right now, the job market is superheated across the board. However, the hiring process can be slow, and with so much job volume to be filled, getting in early and securing a spot in line is necessary. That’s where a temp job comes in.

Starting a temp job now sets you up soundly for transitioning into full-time employment down the road. A lot of the hiring procedures will already be completed, and you have the added advantage of experience with the company to give you a leg up on securing that full-time position.

Take Advantage of Summer Vacation

With the country opening up more every day, the draw of summer and the potential for vacation and fun are on the horizon. If you are hired for a full-time job now, it could be as long as a year before you become eligible for vacation and other benefits. By taking a temp job this summer, you can still fit fun and sun into your schedule while working and establishing your employee reputation with a quality company.

Picking up a temporary job this summer gives you a chance to start working immediately, positioning yourself strategically, and still enjoy the perks and fun of summertime.

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The Power of Appreciation

When was the last time you properly thanked your employees for a job well done? Or took note of how they do their jobs and showed a genuine appreciation for their skills and contribution?

The power of showing appreciation and acknowledging your employees’ hard work can have many positive effects in the workplace. Building a more robust culture within the workplace, improving engagement, and inspiring employees to better performance are some of the benefits you’ll see right away.

Great Ideas for Employee Appreciation

Showing appreciation doesn’t have to be expensive or even cost a thing. Here are some great ways to show your employees gratitude and appreciation:

  • Recognize accomplishments right away. For maximum impact, congratulate employees in person and acknowledge their contributions in person.
  • If you can’t show appreciation in person or right away, compose a thank you note or email recognizing an employee’s hard work or acknowledging their professional contribution or achievements.
  • Celebrate the team publicly and regularly. Monthly team-building meetings or social events can strengthen team bonds and positively boost the work environment.
  • Buy a coffee or a meal for the team. Whether you order in or take everyone out for breakfast or lunch, sharing a meal with the team boosts morale and shows appreciation at the same time.

Remember that every employee has a different preference for acknowledgment and recognition. Get to know your team of employees so you can appreciate each of them in a way that makes them comfortable.

A great way to approach showing appreciation and recognizing team members is to create a rewards system where employees can choose their own rewards or incentives. For example, a points system, with points attributed to tasks and accomplishments, gives employees the opportunity to choose their own rewards, such as days off or special privileges of some kind.

Showing your employees appreciation and recognizing their accomplishments is such a simple way to build up your company’s workplace culture and brand. Plus, showing gratitude and kindness to your employees regularly makes you feel good, too.

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Avoid Sprains and Strains With These Five Desk Yoga Poses

Sitting behind a desk for 40 hours or more a week is not good for our flexibility and strength. If you spend a lot of time at your desk, you increase the risk of suffering injuries, including sprains and muscle strains, both on the job and off.

Desk yoga has become increasingly popular as a way to keep the muscles loose, maintain flexibility, minimize pain, and decrease fatigue. You don’t need to be an expert yogi, either, to practice these simple desk yoga poses.

1. The Seated Twist

The seated twist is a great stretch to perform while sitting in your office chair. Lean back and place your back against the backrest. Next, breathe in deeply and lift both arms above your head. Then exhale as you twist your body to the right. Place both of your hands on the right armrest to support the pose. Repeat on the left side.

Remember to extend your spine each time you inhale and gently hold the post for up to a minute.

2. Shoulder Rolls

Shoulder rolls help to relieve pressure in your shoulders, upper back, and chest, and they are very easy to perform. To do shoulder rolls, inhale deeply and move your shoulders up toward your ears. As you breathe out, move your shoulders down. Repeat several times, keeping them controlled and slow.

3. The Seated Back Bend

The seated backbend stretches out the belly area, which can be cramped when you’re sitting and bending over a desk all day. You need to sit forward on your office chair and plant your feet firmly on the ground to perform this pose.

Keep your spine straight as you gently lean forward. Then, extend your arms behind you and grab the back of the chair. Keep your elbows straight, pull your shoulder blades back, and inhale slowly. As you exhale, release the pose and sit straight in your chair.

4. The Seated Crescent Moon

The neck and shoulders take a lot of strain while you’re sitting at a desk. The seated crescent moon pose can strengthen those areas. To perform this pose, sit in your office chair and lift your arms over your head. Place your palms together and lean to the left, then to the right. Hold each position for two to three slow breaths before switching sides.

5. The Stork Pose

The stork pose will ease tension and tightness in the hips and glutes. Stand in front of your office chair and hold onto it for stability. Lift your right knee and hold it with your right hand. Take a few deep breaths, in and out, then perform the same pose with the other knee.

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Your Outdated Hiring Process is Costing you Talent

The effects of the past two years on the job market have been intense, with the power in the market shifting to the candidates. For employers searching for top talent, having an outdated hiring process could cost you.

If you find yourself missing out on the best job candidates, it may be time to look at your hiring process.

Symptoms of an Outdated Hiring Process:

Long, Tedious Applications

Now that most job applications are completed online, candidates do not want to spend a lot of time filling out forms and completing paperwork. The application can be make-or-break for your company because applicants will look for a similar job that requires less work if it is too difficult, tedious, or time-consuming.

Complicated job applications do not rule out unqualified talent, but they can discourage top talent from even trying. Streamline the application process and make it easy to find, complete, and submit.

Too Many Interview Rounds

It is important to make sure you’re getting the best candidate for the job, and a solid interview process is essential to doing that. However, dragging out the process with multiple interviews increases the risk of losing candidates who simply do not want to go that.

Ghosting Candidates

Recruiting is a complex process, and trying to reply to everyone who applies may seem impossible and not a priority. Nothing could be farther from the truth. “Ghosting” candidates by not acknowledging their submissions or responding as they proceed through the hiring process leaves applicants frustrated and erodes their confidence in your company brand.

Take the time to reply, even if it is through an automated system, and let candidates know where they stand and what to expect next.

Lack of Flexibility

Rigid hiring schedules could mean you’re losing out on top talent. Some candidates may have the flexibility to interview during business hours, but others who work during the day may not have that option. Having virtual options available for interviewing and considering the schedule and convenience of top talent ensures you do not miss out on the best talent for your company.

The hiring process can be long, tiring, and tedious – Or it can be the best introduction candidates have to your company’s brand and culture. With a quick assessment of your hiring process and some changes to any outdated steps, you can ensure you get the top talent during your recruitment periods.

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Job Seeker Myth-Busting: Working with a Staffing Agency

The prospect of landing a new job on your own can seem a daunting task. While you may continue to search for a job on your own, seeking the help of a staffing agency like Beacon Staffing can be beneficial. Many myths circulating about staffing agencies may discourage you from seeking the help you need.

Here are some of the most common myths about staffing agencies:

Myth 1: Staffing agencies only offer part-time or temporary work

One of the biggest myths about staffing agencies is that they only offer part-time positions or temporary jobs. While most agencies do offer temporary assignments and seasonal work, they also provide:

  • Direct hire
  • Temp-to-hire
  • Long-term
  • Permanent positions

Myth 2: Staffing agencies only offer manual labor or administrative jobs

Most staffing agencies work with clients from various industries, including healthcare, technology, and the service industry. Some agencies do have a niche industry or industries that they work in. Do your research and choose a staffing firm that fits your expertise or field of interest.

Myth 3: Jobs are all entry-level or low wage

Most staffing agencies assist clients who need various positions filled that require different levels of experience and pay at different levels. Low-wage and entry-level jobs are available, but you can expect to find a position paid at a salary or hourly rate that fits your experience and skill set.

Myth 4: The staffing agency takes a cut of your paycheck

Staffing agencies do get paid for their work, but not by you. The employer pays a fee to the staffing firm for a worker’s placement with them. In fact, as a job candidate, you can negotiate for better pay or additional perks with the help of the staffing agency.

Myth 5: Benefits and health insurance are not available if you work through a staffing agency

According to the American Staffing Association, many staffing agencies now provide benefit incentives to attract the top qualified job candidates. You can find a staffing firm that offers benefits to all types of employees, including temporary and contract workers. Available benefits may include:

  • Holiday pay/ vacation pay
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plans

Staffing agency myths keep many valuable employees from finding their dream job. We hope that this myth-busting post has helped ease your doubts about looking for work with a staffing agency.

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How Great Managers Motivate Their Teams

Great managers know that the best way to improve on-the-job performance and maximize productivity is to inspire and motivate your team. Here are six ways that you can encourage and motivate your staff members.

1. Positive Reinforcement

Everyone takes pride in a job well done, and positive feedback from your manager can be a powerful motivator when it comes to productivity and consistency. Honest praise is an excellent tool for motivating your team and encouraging them to succeed with future projects.

2. Respect

Treating your employees with respect and dignity is also a powerful way to motivate your team. Adults appreciate being treated as competent and sensible and respond positively when someone in a superior position acknowledges them as intelligent, trustworthy workers.

3. Communication

Open, honest, constructive communication between managers and team members builds trust and motivates on many levels. Employees who can communicate their thoughts and voice their complaints openly and honestly to superiors are more willing to go the extra mile when it comes to their work.

4. Independence

Allowing your team members the freedom and independence to do their jobs without excessive management can be a great motivator. People are more content in a low-stress job that allows them some control over their work.

5. Fairness

Treating all team members fairly is an essential element for fostering good morale. Double standards devalue the efforts of all employees and plant the seeds of bitterness and negativity that can affect every aspect of work life. 

6. Balance

The need to balance work time and free time is crucial for motivating employees and fostering good morale in the workplace. While demanding overtime or “nagging” employees may result in a temporary boost in productivity, the long-term effect is negative.

If you want to be regarded as a quality manager, you have to know how to motivate your employees. Considering their needs, communicating positively and constructively, and treating everyone with fairness and equity are just some crucial ways to inspire your team to put forth their best efforts and build stronger connections within the team.

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