Why Are Your Candidates Ghosting You?

Ghosting is a growing trend throughout society, including the recruitment process. If you have ever interviewed the next superstar candidate for a job, only to have them fail to follow up or accept a job offer, you have been ghosted.

The question is, how do you combat ghosting? To answer that question, you need to think about why candidates are ghosting you in the first place.

Does Your Hiring Process Lack Structure?

If your company has a structured recruitment policy in place, you can quickly tell your candidates what to expect from the start. A solid hiring process provides valuable guidelines for your team and prospective candidates. You can weed through unsuitable candidates early on and ensure that the applicants moving through the process are serious about pursuing and securing the job.

Is Your Interview Process Disorganized?

This also ties in with the structure of the hiring process. The days of letting applications accumulate before contact candidates are gone. Now, initial screenings should be done as soon as possible. Be upfront with candidates about the interview timeline and what is expected and required, such as assessments, references, or verifications.

Was Your Job Description Misleading?

Misleading job descriptions and job titles is a serious issue. While over 70% of hiring managers say they provide clear job descriptions, only 36% of job candidates agree. Good job descriptions should list critical job requirements and details about the working environment and the company’s brand and vision.

Does Your Interview Process Lack the Human Touch?

While automation is an integral part of the entire hiring process, the human touch is crucial. Candidates are people, as are you, and connecting with the person behind the candidate communicates respect, honesty, and interest. Connecting with your applicants on this level changes how you communicate and interact with them, which changes their response to you.

You can never prevent all candidate ghosting, but you can become better at predicting recruitment outcomes if you keep these points in mind. Optimize your hiring processes and be open to making changes when necessary.

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