How a Temp Agency in Aberdeen Can Help You Find Long-Term Employment

What Is a Temporary Employment Agency?

A temporary employment agency helps companies add temporary workers to their teams for short-term roles. This process helps organizations quickly find qualified candidates who can begin producing in a short amount of time.

Many employers are partnering with temporary employment agencies for increased flexibility in filling their hiring needs. This flexibility lets employers add temporary workers to their teams for as long as needed. Then, these workers can move on to other assignments.

Employers benefit by paying for only the services used. This arrangement saves time and money on hiring and training.

Candidates can secure employment in a short amount of time and begin earning money. This arrangement is especially beneficial for individuals who lack work experience, are unemployed, or want to earn additional income.

Taking on a temporary job can help cover living expenses or provide savings for the future. The money might be used for emergencies, college, a vehicle or home purchase, vacations, retirement, or other goals.

How Does a Temporary Employment Agency Work?

A temporary employment agency recruits, screens, and interviews candidates to evaluate their knowledge, skills, and experience. Then, the agency places the candidates in roles that match their qualifications, goals, and interests.

Working with a temporary employment agency can provide employment for short-term assignments. A typical contract lasts a few weeks or a few months.

A temporary worker may fill in for an employee for a range of reasons:

  • Vacation
  • Leave time
  • Illness
  • Unexpected absence
  • Termination

A temporary worker with specialized skills could help with a project that requires these skills. Or, a temporary worker could help a team during a company’s busy season.

Working with a temporary employment agency in Aberdeen is free for job seekers. The companies the agency serves cover the costs of using the services. Therefore, it is in a job seeker’s best interest to use an agency’s services to find employment.

5 Ways a Temp Agency in Aberdeen Can Lead to Long-Term Employment

1. Temp Agencies Have Access to a Wide Range of Job Opportunities

Temp job agencies in Aberdeen can provide candidates with a variety of job opportunities that fit their knowledge, skills, goals, and interests. These opportunities offer competitive pay, benefits, and flexibility to fit candidates’ needs and lifestyles.

Candidates can partner with temp agencies to gain meaningful employment in a chosen field. This partnership lets candidates explore new fields and build or change career paths as desired.

Recent high school or college graduates can work with temp agencies to gain experience as they look for full-time employment. Or, unemployed individuals can work with these agencies to fill the gaps in their resumes.

Candidates can take on jobs that fit their schedules. This flexibility lets candidates fit in work around their personal responsibilities. Having work-life balance is essential for professional and personal success.

Taking advantage of temp agencies’ job opportunities can help candidates get in the doors of companies they otherwise might not be able to enter. This benefit could lead to full-time employment in the future.

Job seekers who have experience working for specific employers are more likely to get hired for full-time roles than job seekers who do not have experience working for these employers. As a result, job seekers who temporarily worked for these companies have a competitive edge over job seekers who did not.

2. Temp Agencies Provide Skill Assessments and Training for Job Seekers

The skill assessments and training that temporary employment agencies in Aberdeen provide help job seekers secure the roles they desire. The agencies can provide the results of the assessments and training to employers who are in need of skilled temporary workers. Knowing that the workers can perform the desired tasks encourages employers to temporarily add them to their teams.

Clerical aptitude tests may assess:

  • Typing speed and accuracy
  • Data entry
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Critical thinking

Administrative aptitude tests may assess:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Computer proficiency
  • Office management
  • Communication
  • Multitasking

Light industrial aptitude tests may assess:

  • Math and reasoning
  • Machine skills
  • Inspection
  • Forklift operator skills
  • Assembly
  • General industrial skills
  • Reliability
  • Warehouse skills
  • Hazardous materials handling
  • Metalworking
  • Shipping and Receiving

3. Find Temp-to-Hire Opportunities Through a Temp Agency

You can find temp-to-hire jobs in Aberdeen through a local temp agency. Many employers create this type of role to assess a worker’s contributions, results, and fit with company culture before deciding whether to offer full-time employment. This setup costs less than hiring, training, and letting go of an employee who does not work out.

When you take on a temp-to-hire opportunity, be sure to make a positive impression throughout the length of the contract:

  • Arrive on time
  • Blend with your team
  • Display a positive attitude
  • Work your entire shift
  • Stay flexible
  • Ask questions
  • Remain productive
  • Reach your targets
  • Show initiative
  • Share your ideas

Let the hiring manager know as soon as possible whether you are interested in full-time employment with the company. Then, the manager can evaluate your performance and let you know whether a permanent position becomes available.

Keep in mind that there must be a need and room in the hiring manager’s budget to add you to the team as a full-time employee. Therefore, if the manager is unable to offer you a permanent job, you have multiple options:

  • You may be asked to stay on as a temporary worker.
  • If you enjoy working for the organization, you might be able to secure employment in a different position.
  • You could be asked to take on a temporary, temp-to-hire, or full-time opportunity in the future.
  • You may move on to another assignment with a different company.

4. A Temp Agency Can Help You Build a Strong Network

Partnering with temp job agencies in Aberdeen provides opportunities to network with local companies. You can connect with team members, coworkers, managers, supervisors, HR professionals, and company leaders. Building relationships with these professionals, especially those who make hiring decisions, can help you find long-term employment.

For instance, the members of your network can advocate for you to turn a temporary or temp-to-hire job into permanent employment. These members also can let you know about opportunities with other organizations that may interest you.

Ensure you remain in contact with your connections. Then, when the time comes to find a new role, your connections should be willing to help. Be sure to express appreciation and offer to return the favor when needed.

5. Gain Industry Experience with a Temp Agency in Aberdeen

Working with a temp agency to secure a temp-to-hire job in Aberdeen lets you gain industry experience. You can use your experience to determine which professional path is right for you and pursue relevant roles for career growth.

Taking on temporary or temp-to-hire positions lets you work in fields you otherwise might not consider. This arrangement lets you see what working for an organization is like and whether you enjoy the job duties and responsibilities.

If you enjoy the role and company, you may be able to secure long-term employment. If not, you can finish your contract and move to another opportunity.

You can add to your resume the knowledge, skills, and experience you gained through temporary or temp-to-hire jobs. These qualifications equip you for an even greater range of opportunities.

Find Long-Term Employment with a Leading Temp Agency in Aberdeen

Working with a temp agency in Aberdeen can help you find long-term employment. For instance, you gain access to a wide range of opportunities, skill assessments, and training. You also can find temp-to-hire opportunities, build a strong network, and gain valuable industry experience. These factors help you secure roles that lead to long-term career satisfaction.

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