Five Poor Work Habits We’re Leaving in 2023

It seems hard to believe, but the end of 2023 is already on the horizon. As we prepare for a new year, it’s important to take time and look back on the good, the bad, and the “needs improvement.” For many of us, making epic New Year’s resolutions is giving way to simpler, attainable goals to improve work-life balance and decrease stress at work. 

In this blog, we’ll take a look at five poor work-related habits and explore positive ways to break those habits and start the new work year on a positive and productive high note.

Working through your breaks 

Sometimes, you get caught up in your work and find that you’ve skipped your break or missed a meal. There is always time for a break, though, even if you can only spare 15 minutes. The key is to focus and be intentional. This year, stop ignoring your hungry stomach and the need for fresh air and a stretch; schedule breaks into your daily calendar to allow yourself a brief recharge of mental and physical energy.

Working while sick

Working while sick is a poor choice all around. You risk your own health and the health of co-workers, plus your limited productivity could potentially do more harm than good. If you’re genuinely ill, taking time off work to rest and recuperate is a must. If you must work, though, plan on working from home until you are well enough to give your best in the office.

Avoiding company culture events

Building a positive company culture takes time and participation. Even if you’d much rather be at home, try to participate more. Whether it’s joining the team for happy hour or attending a company party, take advantage of the opportunity to build and foster relationships with co-workers and others in the network.

Letting pre-work anxiety ruin your weekends 

It can be difficult to enjoy your weekend when you’re worrying about the work week to come. Whether you’re dreading the Monday “to-do” list or stressing over work left unfinished on Friday, pre-work anxiety can ruin your weekend, leading to even more stress. Letting the “Sunday Scaries” go by shifting focus – give yourself something fun to look forward to each week, like a trip to your favorite café or treating yourself to a favorite drink.

Sweeping issues under the rug 

Sometimes, it may seem easier to go along to get along, but sweeping issues under the rug and not taking a stand is detrimental to you, to the team, and to the whole organization. Break the habit of looking the other way and speak up! Even if the issues at hand are simple, make an effort to reach out, talk it out, and resolve them. 

Whether you’re preparing for a new year at your current job or preparing to change careers, it’s a great time to look at your current work habits and make positive changes. 

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How Management Can Best Support Working Parents

Maintaining a healthy work/ life balance is an integral part of your company culture, especially for working parents. Often, working parents feel obligated to choose work over their children and home life because the atmosphere at work is not supportive enough.

When management chooses to support and care for working parents, it positively affects employees, their partners, children, and other family members. Creating a healthy, nurturing environment for working parents in your company isn’t difficult. Beacon Staffing, a reputable staffing firm in Maryland, shares some ways to support and encourage your employees to deliver their best at work in ways that work for them.

Parental Leave for New Parents

The benefits of paid parental leave for employees have been thoroughly researched. When new moms and dads can take 3-4 months off after a new baby, adopted child or foster child arrives, it improves the physical and mental well-being of the entire family. Paid parental leave also lowers stress and pressure for the family regarding their job and financial security during this time.

Paid parental leave is also advantageous for your business. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, up to 5 million workers could be added to the U.S. economy if women were provided better incentives to stay in the workforce. That goes for men, too; fathers indicate that the flexibility and financial security of paid parental leave are a stronger incentive to keep than an increased salary.

Family-Friendly Company Culture

Create a company culture that celebrates working parents and gives them the opportunity to care for their families and a sense of belonging with coworkers. This can be accomplished in many ways:

  • Flexible time off, including mental and physical health days
  • Allow parents to bring kids to work
  • Encourage employees to personalize their workspaces with family photos, drawings, and mementos
  • Designate a private area for breastfeeding moms

Focus on Results

Many working parents are stressed and frustrated as they struggle to make meetings and deliver work on a schedule that doesn’t factor in children and home life. One of the most beneficial things you can do as a manager is to ensure that your working parents focus on results more than structure and schedules. Increased flexibility and empathy for working parents, coupled with the practical tools and resources to help them complete their work to the highest level, is truly the best support you can provide.

Our perspectives shift when we become parents or caregivers. As a manager, it can be helpful to think of your employees as your family and take steps to understand and encourage them, providing the support they need to deliver their best performance at work and home.

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