9 Tips for Recruiting Warehouse Workers in Aberdeen, MD

Are you having trouble recruiting warehouse workers in Aberdeen? If so, you’re not alone. The increase in e-commerce over the past decade and the coronavirus pandemic have been significant contributors to Aberdeen’s warehouse staffing shortage.  

The 2021 Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute Manufacturing Talent study estimates that the manufacturing skills gap will result in 2.1 million unfilled jobs in the United States by 2023. The estimated cost of these unfilled jobs will be $1 trillion in 2030. 

Recruiting warehouse workers is more difficult now than before. Fortunately, warehouse temp agencies in Aberdeen can help fill your hiring needs. Here’s how. 

A Warehouse Temp Agency in Aberdeen Shares 9 Recruiting Tips for 2023  

#1 Offer Flexible Scheduling for Warehouse Workers 

Warehouse workers want flexible scheduling to promote work-life balance. Providing this perk helps you recruit warehouse workers in Aberdeen.  

Flexible scheduling helps your company stand out from the competition. Filling warehouse workers’ needs also broadens your talent pipeline. This helps you find the limited number of warehouse workers who want to work overnight. 

Providing flexible scheduling reduces warehouse worker absences. It also minimizes the need for your workers to perform more than 40 hours per week. This maximizes warehouse productivity, job satisfaction, and worker retention rates.  

Consider offering flextime, shift work, or split shifts. These options typically fit warehouse workers’ schedules.  

#2 Post Your Warehouse Jobs in Aberdeen on Your Company’s Website 

Use your job descriptions to clarify the duties, responsibilities, expectations, and qualifications for your warehouse worker roles. Transparency in your job postings helps fill your warehouse staffing needs in Aberdeen. 

  • Share the demands of each warehouse job 
  • Provide realistic warehouse worker expectations  
  • Minimize the required knowledge, skills, and experience   
  • Include the nice-to-have qualifications 
  • Provide as much relevant detail as possible 
  • Avoid overwhelming candidates with information   

Posting your warehouse jobs on your company’s website helps streamline your recruiting process. You can attract the right types of candidates and minimize the number of unqualified applicants. This lets you invest time in well-qualified candidates. It also helps reduce warehouse worker turnover.   

Detail your company’s culture in your job postings. For instance, emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion in your workforce. Also, prioritize communication between warehouse workers and management. Additionally, mention your employee recognition program. Plus, share opportunities for team-building activities. Further, include your comfortable chairs, refrigerator, microwave, vending machines, and other amenities in the break room.   

Emphasize upward mobility in your job postings. For instance, include how your company prioritizes internal promotions over external hiring. Also, share how managers work with warehouse workers to create career development plans. Additionally, mention opportunities for bonuses and raises. These activities elevate your warehouse worker retention rates  

Find other appropriate places to post your warehouse jobs: 

  • Websites where your competitors post their job openings: These sites already have traffic looking for similar jobs. Warehouse job seekers can click on and apply to your job postings. 
  • Niche job boards: Find quality candidates from a highly targeted audience. Gain access to skilled, experienced candidates.  
  • Social media: Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or TikTok to engage with candidates both organically and through paid advertising. 
  • Successful previous listings: Use the websites or online platforms that produced the best warehouse workers in the past.  

#3 Leverage Employee Referrals  

Encourage employee referrals by using email and newsletters to request warehouse worker referrals. Utilizing your employees’ networks helps expand your company’s network.  

Employee referrals typically enjoy their jobs, perform their best, and remain long-term. This enhances your employee attraction and retention rates.  

Your employees understand what it takes to complete warehouse tasks. They also have connections that fit with your company culture. As a result, your warehouse workers can clearly explain the work environment, job duties, and responsibilities to relevant members of their networks. 

Hiring employee referrals reduces the time and money needed to recruit warehouse workers. You can fast-track the hiring process to bring aboard referrals. Be sure to offer a bonus or additional paid time off for each warehouse worker whose referral gets hired and stays for a set time.  

#4 Re-Engage With Your Applicant Database 

Maintain engagement with past and potential hires: 

  • Use email and SMS to update previous warehouse workers and applicants about your job openings. These individuals may be looking for new career opportunities.  
  • Retarget warehouse workers who worked for you. They may want to rejoin your organization.  
  • Participate in virtual hiring events. Warehouse candidates can learn about your company and apply for jobs at their convenience. 
  • Ask for referrals. Current and past warehouse workers may recommend candidates for your job openings.  

#5 Raise Awareness of Your Company In Your Local Community  

Warehouse workers are likely to take jobs with companies they recognize. For instance, partner with local trade schools, community colleges, and universities. Also, participate in job fairs and student work programs. Additionally, sponsor local scholarship programs, sports teams, and events. Plus, encourage employee volunteer work with local non-profit activities. 

These activities elevate your organization’s standing in the local area. They also build your reputation as a preferred employer in your community. You can generate interest in your warehouse job openings and use brand recognition to attract and retain warehouse workers.  

#6 Streamline Your Application Process  

Make your warehouse worker application process fast and easy: 

  • Minimize the application length to increase the number of candidates who complete it. 
  • Include a request for referrals who fit the requirements of your job openings. 
  • Respond to applicants within 24 hours to increase your candidate pools. 
  • Be aware that some companies hire warehouse workers within minutes. 
  • Interview qualified candidates as quickly as possible.  
  • Provide job offers in a short amount of time. 

#7 Advertise Competitive Pay at Your Aberdeen Warehouse 

 According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average rate of warehouse worker turnover is approximately 60%. Fortunately, you can increase your warehouse worker retention rate by providing competitive pay.  

Competitive pay sets your company apart from your competitors’ companies. It also increases your candidate pipeline.  

Offering competitive pay helps attract and keep the most experienced warehouse workers This encourages candidates to work for your company rather than another. 

By offering competitive pay, you spend less time recruiting, onboarding, and training warehouse workers. This increases your company’s profitability and bottom line. 

You can offer performance-based incentives to further attract warehouse workers: 

  • Show warehouse candidates that their efforts are directly and fairly rewarded beyond their base pay. 
  • Incentivize warehouse workers to work independently and perform their best. 
  • Base your pay-for-performance system on fair, achievable labor standards. 
  • Clarify your rewards system so warehouse workers understand it.   
  • Reward warehouse workers who increase efficiency and reach production goals.  
  • Significantly increase your warehouse workers’ productivity and performance.  
  • Minimize the impact of the warehouse worker shortage on your company.  

Provide other financial incentives as well. Consider a sign-on bonus, retention bonus, employee referral bonus, health insurance, a retirement plan with a company match, or paid time off.  

Emphasize how your incentives are better than your competitors’ incentives. Perhaps you offer an incentive that your competitors don’t. Maybe your health insurance plan is more comprehensive than your competitors’ plans. You might offer additional paid time off. Or, your retirement plan may have a company match higher than other companies’ matches. 

#8 Recruit for Diversity in Aberdeen 

Emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusion when hiring warehouse workers.  

  • Having a diverse, equitable, and inclusive company culture attracts and retains quality warehouse workers.  
  • Diverse, equitable, and inclusive teams excel at innovation and problem-solving.  
  • Drawing from a broad range of ideas and perspectives helps resolve issues and overcome obstacles.  
  • Warehouse workers feel more comfortable working in a diverse, equitable, inclusive environment.  
  • Engagement, productivity, and performance among warehouse workers increase along with diversity, equity, and inclusion.  
  • Having a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment increases profits and your bottom line. 

You can recruit for diversity, equity, and inclusion by implementing programs focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Or, you might ask your diverse warehouse workers to refer their family members and friends.  

Perhaps you evaluate leadership performance in line with reaching hiring goals involving diversity, equity, and inclusion. Even better, partner with a firm that emphasizes diversity, equity, and inclusion in its Aberdeen warehouse staffing and recruiting services. 

#9 Leverage Warehouse Staffing and Recruiting Services in Aberdeen 

Gain access to experienced warehouse workers when you need them. This widens your warehouse candidate pipeline. It also saves time interviewing and hiring reliable warehouse workers.  

You can blend temp warehouse workers with your full-time employees. You also could have temp warehouse workers fill in for your absent employees.  

Evenly distributing the workload minimizes the impact of absent employees. It also reduces stress and the potential for warehouse worker burnout  

Bringing aboard temp warehouse workers reduces your payroll and related expenses. As employees of the staffing firm, the firm is responsible for them. This means you can scale your warehouse workforce as needed. 

Work with Aberdeen’s Top Warehouse Temp Agency – Beacon Staffing   

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