How to Reduce Light Industrial Staffing Costs

As manager of a light industrial team, you always are looking for ways to reduce staffing costs. One of the most effective ways to reach this objective is by partnering with a light industrial staffing agency.

The staffing agency handles the costs related to hiring and maintaining a workforce so you don’t have to. These costs include recruitment, onboarding, and payroll expenses.

Working with an experienced recruiter from a light industrial staffing agency provides you with skilled, vetted temp and temp-to-hire workers without high labor costs. The elimination of onboarding and the minimal need for training significantly reduce your expenses.

Your ability to access qualified workers on demand lets you scale your staff and reduce the need for overtime. You also can leverage temp-to-hire opportunities to avoid the costs of bad hires. These advantages strengthen your bottom line.

Control Costs by Partnering with a Light Industrial Temp Agency

Temporary Light Industrial Workers Eliminate Onboarding Costs

Temporary light industrial workers come to you fully trained and vetted. These workers already underwent background checks, reference checks, and drug screens to ensure they are equipped for a role. Their detailed safety training, developed skill sets, and years of experience ensure the workers are ready to begin producing in a short amount of time.

If your temp roles require the use of unique technologies or processes, you can collaborate with the light industrial temp agency to create orientation programs for the temp workers. These workers can complete the training programs through the agency before their assignments begin. This process ensures the workers are prepared to be efficient and productive from their first day on the job.

Light Industrial Staffing Agencies Minimize Training Costs

Light industrial staffing services can provide you with pre-qualified candidates who have the skills, experience, and safety training required for success in a role. As a result, these candidates can begin producing in a short amount of time.

You save a significant amount of time and money because temp light industrial workers come to you vetted and trained. These workers can increase safety, efficiency, and productivity for your organization because of their comprehensive training and abilities.

Access Light Industrial Staffing Services On Demand

Working with a light industrial staffing agency in Aberdeen provides you with the experienced workers you need when you need them. Gaining access to the agency’s vast network of qualified, vetted candidates helps quickly fill your business needs. This process saves you significant time and money on hiring:

  • Many of these light industrial workers are not easily accessible through typical hiring methods.
  • This limited accessibility is especially true for workers with hard-to-find skills.
  • Adding temp light industrial workers with niche skills to your team lets you take on additional projects.
  • Completing more projects helps increase your bottom line.

Working with a light industrial staffing agency ensures that qualified candidates fit with your company’s culture. Adding temp workers whose goals, values, and qualities match those of your organization increases success in a role.

If a temp worker does not work out, you can request a replacement at no cost. This guarantee minimizes the impact of a bad hire.

Scale Staff Quickly

Partnering with a light industrial staffing agency in Aberdeen lets you scale your workforce to fit your business needs. Your ability to scale is especially beneficial during times of peak production.

Having the right number of employees and temp workers at any given time helps maintain efficiency and productivity. Your team should have just enough work to remain busy without feeling overwhelmed.

When your busy time ends, the temp workers can move to other assignments with other companies. You pay only for the services used.

If you like specific temp workers, you can request they come back when you need them. Knowing you have access to high-quality workers helps reduce the stress of busy seasons.

Using Temporary Light Industrial Staff Reduces Overtime Costs

Taking advantage of light industrial staffing services helps increase efficiency. The more tasks your team members complete during work hours, the less likely they are to work overtime.

Bringing aboard temp light industrial workers during busy seasons requires substantially less time and money than paying overtime or hiring full-time employees:

  • Temp workers remain on the staffing agency’s payroll.
  • These workers can help for as long as needed.
  • When the temp workers no longer are needed, they can move to other assignments.
  • Conversely, full-time employees require wages and benefits.
  • These employees might not have much work to do when your busy season ends.
  • If your employees no longer are needed, you must pay their unemployment claims.

Adding temp light industrial workers helps your team reach their daily and weekly targets. Gaining support with the workload improves employee morale. Maintaining production schedules helps improve your bottom line.

Reduce Employee Burnout with Temporary Light Industrial Staffing

Your employees’ productivity is especially important during busy seasons. When the workload exceeds your team’s capacity, you can bring aboard temp workers to help lower your employees’ stress levels and prevent burnout.

If your employees have to take on an unreasonable amount of work for an extended time, they might be frequently absent and look for jobs elsewhere. To relieve this issue, you can have your employees handle critical tasks and temp workers handle other tasks.

Leverage Temp-to-Hire Opportunities

Working with a light industrial temp agency lets you leverage temp-to-hire opportunities. The ability to try out a temp worker before deciding whether to permanently hire them helps avoid the cost of a bad hire.

Most temp-to-hire roles last a few months. During this time, you can personally assess the temp worker’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and fit with company culture. At the end of the temp period, you can decide whether to hire the worker full-time or let them move to another assignment.

Boost Your Employee Retention Rates

Leveraging temp-to-hire opportunities benefits your employee retention rates. You can determine whether a temp worker fits exactly what you are looking for before deciding whether to commit to hiring them:

  • Because a light industrial staffing agency specializes in sourcing, interviewing, screening, and hiring experienced workers, the agency knows what to look for when placing the workers in assignments.
  • As a result, the temp-to-hire workers you add to your team should be skilled, trustworthy, and dedicated to moving your business forward.
  • If these workers are hired as full-time employees, they likely would add value to your organization.

The money you save by taking advantage of temp-to-hire opportunities can be used for ongoing employee training and development. Providing opportunities for your light industrial employees to develop their skills and advance their careers encourages them to remain long-term with your organization.

Use Temporary Light Industrial Staffing to Strengthen Your Bottom Line

Working with a light industrial staffing agency provides you with skilled workers to help boost your bottom line. The agency uses cutting-edge technology to connect you with the best candidates for your temp and temp-to-hire staffing needs.

  • Streamlining your light industrial hiring process provides a range of benefits:
  • On-demand access to screened, qualified workers who meet your specifications
  • Efficient filling of roles to support productivity
  • Opportunities to assess a temp worker before deciding whether to permanently hire them
  • Ongoing communication to ensure complete satisfaction with each worker
  • Reduced turnover and unemployment costs

Control Hiring Costs with a Light Industrial Staffing Agency in Aberdeen

Partnering with a light industrial staffing agency in Aberdeen lets you access staffing services on demand with no onboarding costs and minimal training costs. The ability to quickly scale your workforce helps reduce overtime costs, especially during busy seasons. Plus, you can leverage temp-to-hire opportunities to avoid the costs of bad hires.

Are you ready to start controlling your hiring costs by partnering with a light industrial staffing agency in Aberdeen? Reach out to Beacon Staffing today!

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