Improve your Own Job Security in Uncertain Times

In today’s uncertain economic times, job security is undoubtedly on your mind. The good news is that improving your job security and thriving during these tough times is possible. The key is to build your own value as a worker while demonstrating your unique skills and value to management.

You can improve your job security in many ways during tough economic times, but the following represent some of the best ways to start. These tips will improve your job security and make you more appealing as a job candidate if and when you need to find a new position.

Build a Strong RAFT

There are four skills that companies consistently value above all others:

  • Resilience: the ability to bounce back from difficult times.
  • Adaptability: the ability to adjust to new environments and situations quickly and effectively.
  • Flexibility: the ability and willingness to wear different hats.
  • Thoughtfulness: the ability to be respectful, intentional and to communicate with colleagues.

These four soft skills, also known as RAFT, form a strong foundation for you as a worker to endure and thrive through even the most uncertain times. They also make you a valuable asset to your current and future employers. Resilience is considered the most critical of all of these skills.

Demonstrate Inventive and Creative Thinking

Employers are always looking for candidates who can solve their problems. Look for opportunities to demonstrate your intuition and imagination to management. Don’t be afraid to speak up and make suggestions during individual and group meetings. Even if your ideas don’t directly help, they make you a valuable asset the company will want to hold on to.

Building New Skills

Become a lifelong learner, sharpening your current skills and building new ones. Pay close attention to the growing fields and pursue knowledge and skills in those directions. Also, consider taking courses or workshops for complementary skills and soft skills that will add to your long-term value as a worker.

Keep Networking

Networking is a crucial skill to develop, especially during times of uncertainty. Connections can open doors, whether it’s a coffee date with a coworker or checking in with a former colleague. You may also find that you can offer support and help to others who have been affected by job loss and uncertainty.

We all desire stability and security in our lives. While there are no guarantees in this uncertain world, the steps above will help you strengthen your place within your current workplace and prepare you for future opportunities.

If you need help finding your next role, let the team at Beacon Staffing lend you a hand!