How a Temporary Employment Agency in Aberdeen Can Jumpstart Your Job Search

If you’re looking for temporary employment, you’ve probably updated your resume and begun searching job boards for interesting opportunities. However, you might be overlooking a key tool in your quest to find the perfect job in Aberdeen, MD – a temporary employment agency!

How do Temporary Employment Agencies in Aberdeen Work?

Temporary employment agencies match job seekers with temporary and temporary-to-permanent jobs. They determine a job seeker’s skills, experience, and other relevant details, then match them with jobs that fit their qualifications and interests.

These employment agencies typically offer 3-6 month contracts for each temporary job. Temporary-to-hire jobs may have longer contract periods.

Companies often work with temporary employment agencies to fill short-term employee absences, help with specialized projects, or provide employee support during busy seasons. Taking temporary or temporary-to-permanent jobs lets workers earn money, develop skills, and gain experience to benefit their careers.

Employers might offer temporary-to-hire jobs to determine a candidate’s ability to perform the work and blend with the company’s culture. Successful candidates typically are offered full-time jobs after their contracts end. Otherwise, the candidates are free to take on other opportunities once their contracts end.

Temporary employment agencies provide skilled and unskilled workers for a variety of employers. This helps connect job seekers with competitive pay and benefits and rewarding opportunities for career growth.

Job Seekers Submit Their Resumes to a Temporary Employment Agency in Aberdeen

You can go to the website of a temporary employment agency in Aberdeen, find the job board, and apply for the jobs that interest you. Or, you can submit your resume and have the agency contact you for an opportunity that matches your skills and experience.

A recruiter from the temporary employment agency sets up an interview to learn more about you. This may involve a short phone screening or a longer in-person discussion.

  • Prepare for your interview as you would if you were directly meeting with a company.
  • The recruiter will ask questions about your skills, strengths, employment history, and reasons for leaving your previous jobs.
  • You may be asked to complete tests to assess your strengths and skills for the type of work you want to perform.  
  • If you have a resume, bring it to your interview. If not, the temporary employment agency’s career services staff members can help you create one. 
  • Have three professional references ready to provide for your background check. This should include former team members, managers, supervisors, or coworkers. List each person’s name, job title, employer, phone number, and relationship to you.

The temporary employment agency conducts background checks before placing candidates. This may include verifying your previous employment, contacting your professional references, and running a criminal background check.

Gathering your background information helps determine which jobs best match your qualifications. It also increases your satisfaction after being placed in a job.

Because the client companies pay the temporary employment agency’s fees, it costs you nothing to use the agency’s services. This increases the value of partnering with an agency for your job search.

The Employment Agency Will Match You with Temporary Job Opportunities in Aberdeen

The employment agency has established relationships with hiring managers from top companies in the area. As a result, the agency has all the information needed to match you with the appropriate jobs and organizations. Because the agency put in the time researching the jobs and companies, you do not have to.

The employment agency determines which temporary jobs in Aberdeen best fit your knowledge, skills, strengths, experience, goals, and interests. They also consider how well you would blend with the team and organization.

  • When the employment agency finds a temporary job that matches what you are looking for, they set up an interview for you.
  • You meet with the manager and other hiring team members to determine whether the opportunity would benefit everyone.
  • If you receive a job offer, the employment agency negotiates on your behalf so you receive the best possible income.
  • The employment agency provides competitive benefits for an attractive total compensation package.

The employment contract details the type of work you will perform, your job duties and responsibilities, and wages or salary. You can ask the employment agency for further clarification if you have any questions.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Temp Agency in Aberdeen to Find a Job?

Finding a job through a temp agency provides a range of advantages:

  • Not spending hours looking at job boards, applying to the same jobs as many other job seekers, and waiting to be contacted for interviews saves a significant amount of time.
  • Because hiring managers trust the agency to find the right candidates, most of these jobs go unadvertised. Gaining access to the hidden job market means you face less competition when interviewing. This increases your likelihood of receiving a job offer.
  • You choose the job that fits your schedule and needs. 
  • Get your foot in the door with employers you otherwise might not have access to. Gaining experience with these companies can lead to additional opportunities down the road.
  • Working temporary jobs in Aberdeen lets you develop skills and gain experience in a specific field. This helps advance your career.

Temporary Employment Agencies Can Help You Find Work Quickly

Working with a temporary employment agency in Aberdeen helps you find a job in a short amount of time. This lets you quickly begin earning income.

Temporary employment agencies have established relationships with local hiring managers from a range of companies. The agencies are trusted to find qualified candidates who fit the managers’ hiring needs. 

These relationships let temporary employment agencies fast-track the hiring process with client companies. Because the agencies thoroughly understand each manager’s organization and hiring needs, they know exactly what the manager is looking for.

The temporary employment agencies spend time getting to know each job seeker’s skills, experience, strengths, goals, interests, and needs. Then, they use these details to match a job seeker with the right opportunity.

  • The employment agencies set up interviews between job seekers and hiring managers and follow up on the results.
  • If a manager decides to extend a job offer, the agency negotiates on the job seeker’s behalf.
  • If the manager decides to hire another candidate, the agency finds out why, then shares the feedback with the job seeker.
  • The agency repeats the process until the right match is made.
  • The agency follows up to ensure all parties are satisfied with the results.

Explore a Variety of Positions with a Temporary Employment Agency

Working with a job placement agency in Aberdeen lets you try a variety of jobs and companies. This helps determine which type of work and employer best suit you.

If you enjoy your experience with a company, you may be able to secure other opportunities with the organization after your contract ends. Or, if you dislike anything about the job or company, you can find another placement after your contract ends.

If you like the company but the temporary job turns out not to be a good fit, you may be able to secure other opportunities with the organization after your contract ends. The hiring manager should be open to recommending you for other jobs if you blend with the company’s culture and remain productive.

Temporary Jobs in Aberdeen Can Lead to Permanent Opportunities

Working a temporary job through a job placement agency in Aberdeen can lead to a full-time role after your contract ends. You can take steps to increase the likelihood of securing a permanent job:

  • Let the hiring manager know as soon as possible that you are interested in a full-time job.
  • Network with teammates, coworkers, HR, and company leaders.
  • Arrive on time each day.
  • Work your entire shift.
  • Offer to work late when needed.
  • Put in your best effort.
  • Demonstrate your skills and strengths.
  • Offer to help as needed.
  • Meet or exceed performance expectations.
  • Reach company goals.
  • Find additional ways to provide value for the organization.

If the company is unable to hire you full-time after your contract ends, they should keep you in mind when other opportunities come up. Knowing your quality of work and fitting in with the culture encourages the hiring manager or an HR professional to contact you in the future.

Include your temporary jobs in your resume. The knowledge, skills, experience, and accomplishments you gain can help advance your career.

A Temp Agency in Aberdeen Will Provide Support and Guidance

Partnering with a temp agency provides you with support and guidance throughout your career. You can work with the agency to secure your next opportunity before your current contract ends. This helps ensure continuity in your employment.

You also can take time away from the workforce to fulfill personal responsibilities or pursue other interests. When you are ready to return, you can work with the temp agency to determine which job may be best for the next step in your career path.

Having flexibility lets you control your career. You decide when you work, how you develop your skills and experience, and what you want to accomplish professionally. This leads to strong career satisfaction.

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