A Guide for Jobseekers in Maryland: Career Advancement Tips for Warehouse Workers

Are you a job seeker in Maryland who wants a well-paying, long-term career? Are you looking for ongoing opportunities for skill development and growth? If so, consider becoming a warehouse employee.

Building a career in the warehouse industry provides a range of opportunities that fit your goals, skills and interests. Understanding what it takes to succeed helps you build a satisfying career that supports the lifestyle you desire. 

Types of Warehouse Jobs in demand for the new year

  • Warehouse supervisor: Millions of square feet of industrial space are constructed annually to create new warehouses throughout the U.S., creating new warehouse jobs for supervisors.
  • Packer: The e-commerce boom continues to increase the demand for packers to prepare the finished products for packaging and shipment.
  • Order picker: The ongoing growth of online shopping elevates the demand for order pickers to select the relevant items for order fulfillment. These warehouse jobs provide opportunities to develop transferrable skills for career development.
  • Warehouse associate: Growing customer demand for e-commerce requires warehouse associates to organize products and report inventory for stores, manufacturers and wholesalers and coordinate order shipping.
  • Warehouse package handler: The rising number of warehouses being constructed and the need to replace workers who change occupations or leave the labor force increase the demand for package handlers.
  • Delivery driver: The increasing demand for package delivery services requires more drivers to fulfill e-commerce transactions.

A Baltimore Employment Agency Shares 5 Tips to Grow in your Career as a Warehouse Employee

The growing popularity of e-commerce makes building a career in the warehouse industry attractive. Increasing demand for warehouse services means regular opportunities for growth. The ongoing need to fill warehouse positions provides both stability and career advancement.

You can use the following tips to expand your career as a warehouse employee:

#1 Begin with a list of strengths and weaknesses

Write down the areas you excel in and the areas you need improvement in. This helps determine whether you are qualified to take on an advanced role when it becomes available.

Use your list of strengths and weaknesses to develop your professional goals.

  • Include your dream warehouse job, targeted salary, desired benefits and perks, and other relevant details.
  • Ensure your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) to increase your odds of attaining them.
  • Your list of career goals provides a guide for what you want to achieve in your warehouse career.
  •  Use your list to determine whether a more senior role fits with what you want to accomplish along your professional path.

Write down the type of lifestyle you want to create with your warehouse career. This may include the home you want to purchase, the vehicle you want to drive, the vacations you want to take, and whether you want to have a family and pay for your children’s secondary education. Understanding what you are working toward provides motivation to continue performing your best during challenging times.

Research potential career paths within the warehouse. Determine what a higher role is and the requirements for success. Pay attention to when the desired position becomes available, then apply for it.

Consider partnering with one of the top job recruiters in Maryland, for help advancing your warehouse career. We can match you with the positions and companies you need to secure positions with additional responsibility and pay to reach your professional goals.

#2 Gain experience from others around you

Pay attention to how your teammates, coworkers, managers, supervisors, and company leaders interact and accomplish work. Follow their examples for learning and growth.

The people you work with have knowledge, skills, and experience different from yours. This is especially true if you are just starting your warehouse career. Use their example to promote your own professional growth.

Ask your teammates and coworkers for advice to increase your performance and build your warehouse career. They should be willing to help however possible. Offer to help them out in return.

Schedule time to meet with your manager for a short monthly performance review. Find out what you are doing well, what needs improvement, and specific ideas to do better. This helps you improve your performance and increase your odds of receiving an annual pay increase.  

#3 Participate in training

Take advantage of training programs that promote skill development. Regularly adding to your skill set helps you more effectively complete your work. It also increases your qualifications for technical and management positions.  

Continuously read about your industry. For instance, you might want to learn more about warehouse management systems (WMSs), radio frequency identification (RFID), voice-directed picking, or other popular topics. Understanding the latest news and trends helps you apply them and provide additional value to the warehouse.

Partner with one of the leading Baltimore employment agencies, to take advantage of training opportunities during your next warehouse job search. The knowledge and skills you gain can help land the role you want.

    #4 Go above and beyond

    Determine the target to aim for when completing a task, then set your goal 10% higher. For instance, if you are a picker and the average picker picks 150 orders each day, aim to pick 165 orders. Consistently increasing efficiency shows you deserve a pay increase.

    Talk with your supervisor about taking on additional responsibilities. Getting out of your comfort zone lets you add to your knowledge and skills. It also equips you to secure promotions and advance your warehouse career.

    #5 Utilize your skills in real life

    Find opportunities to apply your skills in the warehouse. Regularly practicing them increases your proficiency. This also helps determine which skills to develop next.

    Talk with your supervisor about which skills are required for the next position you want. Then, ask how you can develop these skills through on-the-job training, continuing education courses, or other opportunities. After that, develop and implement a plan to obtain these skills in the suggested manner.

    Working with job recruiters in Maryland can help you find a warehouse role that lets you develop and use your skills faster. Recruiters will match you with positions and companies that fit your goals and interests. 

    Final Thoughts

    The demand to fill warehouse jobs continues throughout 2023. Warehouse supervisors, packers, order pickers, warehouse associates, warehouse package handlers and delivery drivers are among the roles with the greatest need.

    Now is the time to begin or advance your warehouse career. Listing your strengths and weaknesses, gaining experience from others, participating in training, going above and beyond, and applying what you learn are keys to moving forward in your professional path.

    Beacon Staffing, one of the top Baltimore employment agencies, can help. We provide you with training opportunities, match you with roles and companies that fit your goals, and coach you through the interview process. We also negotiate job offers on your behalf, assist with the onboarding process, and regularly follow up for maximum success. 

    Work with our Employment Agency in Maryland for More Tips to Grow Your Career

    Beacon Staffing, a woman-owned and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)-certified staffing firm, helps job seekers find jobs in light industrial, warehouse, admin and more. Our state-of-the-art portals provide employees and job seekers 24-7 access to online resources.

    We know which companies are hiring and where growth is expected. We also know which employers are flexible with backgrounds, hours and shifts and which skills are required for permanent employees.

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    Being placed in a temporary or temp-to-hire role means you become a Beacon Staffing employee. We provide the stability of a regular paycheck with easy access to wages. Consistent employees receive competitive benefits as well.

    • Weekly pay: Your pay is loaded onto a debit card from Global Cash Card every Friday for immediate access to your wages.
    • Referral bonus: If your referral gives your name during the interview, you and your referral each receive $25 after your referral works 80 hours on their first assignment. If you refer a forklift driver, you each receive $50 after your referral work 160 hours.
    • Paid vacation: After working 1800 hours in a calendar year, you become eligible for a paid 35-hour week of vacation. You can request time off and get paid or simply ask for the payment to be added to your weekly wages.
    • Paid holidays: After working 1500 hours in a calendar year, you become eligible for paid holidays. You must work the day before and the day after and have accrued the time the week prior to the holiday. Eligible holidays include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

    Expect to be recognized for your hard work, consistency, reliability and success. We notice and appreciate your formal and informal achievements.

    We provide ongoing opportunities to expand your skill set and competencies and increase your job qualifications. Our tutorials offer the latest training for a range of skills.

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